Moodle and WordPress hosting

Having long ago largely let go of economic nationalism, I’ve used GoDaddy for my domain registration service for a while. Recently I decided to find a better domain for my personal site: so is migrated to Since everything I publish is listed under the PEgan brand.

I also noticed their hosting prices seemed reasonable…too reasonable, in fact. But I scoured and read and hunted and found that a good deal was to be had. So I’m trying them out for 3 months, and if it’s all good I’ll extend my contract. There were three things in particular that sold me:

  • Choice of a Linux or Windows server (I wanted Linux) with PHP, SQL etc out of the (virtual) box
  • Ability to install Moodle
  • Ability to install WordPress

In fact, GoDaddy will install them for you. I only had to follow a set up wizard and they were deployed (after several hours). So rather than trying to follow the craptastic “easy” WordPress setup instructions, they’re all good to go.

So my (bare bones configured) Moodle server be here. And my WordPress here.  These are primarily sandboxes, where I can explore a range of plug-ins, themes, etc. But if you want access, to my Moodle (come on community of practice!) leave a comment with you preferred user name and email addy.

Guess I really need to think about the site revision, eh?

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3 Responses to Moodle and WordPress hosting

  1. BPI Sell out says:

    Moodle is pretty cool and easy to pick up once you’ve got over some initial hurdles. The amount of plugins is just astounding really – typical of what the open source community can achieve.

  2. John P Egan says:

    I’ve worked with it a fair bit, but I’m fluent in WebCT/Vista/Blackboard, and would like to acquire a similar level of mastery with Moodle.

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