Team 2010 couture

First kid on the block!!!!!

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2 Responses to Team 2010 couture

  1. Jeff Shannon says:

    Hey, John, I just read in the alumni newsletter about your endeavor. That is so cool!

    You may not remember me, but I am a fellow alum who also graduated in ’86. I was Gerry’s roommate in Onondaga, and I am still in Watertown, doing both TV and radio.

    Good to see that you’re doing some really cool stuff! Congrats and have fun!

    Jeff Shannon ’86

  2. John P Egan says:

    Hiya Jeff,

    Of course I remember you! Yes, it’s very exciting–the city is gearing up in a big way right now (banners, public spaces, athletes starting to arrive), and then there’s the torch thingie for me!

    I heartily recommend every city host the Olympics…once. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!

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