Oswego, into the wild blue yonder

This morning an article came out about me being a torchbearer in the Oswego Alumni Association’s Lake Effect e-newsletter.  Which is very exciting, even if they picked perhaps the most unflattering photo of me in my Flickr account.

You can read all about me it here. Apparently I’m a torch escort. 🙂

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4 Responses to Oswego, into the wild blue yonder

  1. Julie Barnes says:

    Wow! Imagine my delight when I opened my email from my college alma mater, and there is a picture of my college bud John! And you’re going to be an Olympic torchbearer!! Very cool. Drop me an email sometime, as I am not sure if the email I have for you is even valid anymore. I look forward to following your Olympic adventure.

  2. John P Egan says:

    The bald fat version of your old bud? Hiya Julie!

    john dot egan at gmail dot com is me! You’re keeping well?

  3. Mike Carton says:


    I was amazed when I saw this in The Lake Effect! Long time since I saw or spoke to you! Your photo has you looking like my brother as I have not had a haircut in about 15 years! How are you doing ?
    Congratulations ! I will be watching he Olympics as well as I love the winter sports as well!

    Mike Carton

  4. John P Egan says:

    Mike! How the F are you? I’ve wondered where you are, what you’re up to! So…where are you, what are you up to?

    I clipped the hair once when I was 26…never came back up top! It’s a sign of masculinity you know–more testosterone!

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