Yes we CAAN

I’ve just returned from Ottawa (yup, I had to fly back to Ottawa 2 days after flying Zagreb-Calgary-Vancouver–on the red-eye to boot) for the ultimate meeting of a community-based research team for which I’m a co-investigator. The project isn’t over–we’ll be publishing results probably for years to come–but this is the last time the entire research team will meet face-to-face. Bittersweet to say the least. A great couple of days with a great team of people (Aboriginal and not) producing things that may well change policy in Canada. Not at all a bad way to pass a couple of days in our nation’s capital.

How was Ottawa? Well the airport, hotel and Mexican resto 2 blocks from the hotel were all AWESOME. Between meetings and jet lag (and humidity! oy the humidity!) I didn’t really go outside. No walk to Parliament, no malingering around the Supreme Court of Canada, no pilgrimage to the CBC/Radio Canada shop. Sadly.

Being back in the same time region as most of my students is great too. Even though my access while in Europe wasn’t a barrier, somehow I feel a bit more connected being at home. I’m gonna ruminate on that for a while.

I’ve also received an invite to join Google+. So my goal this weekend is to figure the #@*& thing out. So far I’m clueless…

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