Google+; gamechanger?

Like a lot of folks the announcement that Google was beta testing its latest kick at the social media can had my attention. And thanks to friends on the innerweb I landed an invite (eventually) and set myself up on Google+. It was a couple of days, however, until I could give it any sort of attention and ascertain to any extent: what it is, what it does, whether it’s useful to me.

I’m still not confident that I’ve got a handle on it…but I’ve got a handle on enough of it to be rather excited about it. Not iPad excited…but excited!  Here’s what I’ve gleaned so far:

  • Allows you to share somethings with anyone who wishes to follow you, or certain groups or communities (circles ou «flux» en français) – sort of the best of Twitter and Facebook.
  • Integrates other Google tools (unsurprisingly) very well, including Picasa, Youtube, Calendar, Gmail and Chat…though the Hangout trumps Chat (see below).
  • The Hangout («bulle» en français) is a stand-by video conferencing tool that supports up to 10 participants–WOW!!!!
  • Allows you to trend concepts or interests via the Sparks (déclics) function

All of which hinges upon having a Google account. Which presents the first dilemma: what about those of us who have independent online personal and professional personae? Answer seems to be multiple Google+ accounts to go along with our multiple gmail accounts. But would’ve been cool to have this addressed too!

I came across this video (via G+ of course) that gives a more eloquent review of Google+:

Colleagues can add me via john dott patrick dott egan att gmail. dott com if they so wish!

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10 Responses to Google+; gamechanger?

  1. Gillian says:

    That looks like one big giant sandbox!

  2. Rachel Fales says:

    I am intrigued by Google+, but right now it’s just “not another site for me to join” attitude. Between Facebook, twitter,and linkedin, I feel fully booked. But knowing me I’ll join probably fairly soon (I can’t avoid technology for very long)

  3. davidson says:

    Lucky you! I look forward to exploring G+ when it’s rolled out.

  4. Heather says:

    Thanks for this, John. I’m most intrigued!

  5. John, I came across this link while perusing stuff on social media. Thought you might find it useful.

  6. Andrew Olson says:

    Hi John,

    I am very keen to try this out. Any tips on getting an invite for beta testing?

  7. Andrew Olson says:

    Also, check out about how journalists are using it.

  8. dbang says:

    It seems that Google + has a lot of buzz going for it especially considering it’s invite-only right now. Another great marketing ploy by Google. I wonder whether it really will be a gamechanger in the social media world. Will Facebook and Twitter meet their demise a la MySpace? It may be a question of whether people would be willing to give up their other social media accounts or try to manage it all as Google + gains in popularity.

    Here are some sites that you may want to check out with more info on initial reactions in the online world:

  9. John P Egan says:

    Great–thanks Diana!

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