Adieu 2011

Another year has zoomed by. It’s been an interesting one for me, particularly on the professional front. I’ve taken on–and settled nicely into–a newly created role in a newly created service unit. I’ve built a new working relationship with one supervisor and deepened one with another. I’ve also collaborated with all sorts of awesome folks from other parts of the world.

I’ve also learned that German and I will never be friends. I’m just not that into you it. Time to shift my focus back to French, je pense. Hopefully via an immersion in Québec next summer. It’s been a year of travelling too: I racked up about 60k miles, including 3 trips to Europe. Yes, Iceland counts as part of Europe! Today’s my last working day in 2011: tomorrow it’s off to parts East for an Oirish Catlick Christmas. I hope my poor heathen husband’s head doesn’t explode.

Looking into 2012 there’s project to move forward, others to get off the ground. I’ve got a research project to shift into ethics then data collection. And come July we should have a new permanent Academic Director in place, though I rather like working with our pro-tem one.

Have a peaceful, safe, and joyous holiday time. Appreciate what you have; recharge your batteries so you can work towards achieving what you’ve not (yet) got in 2012. I certainly will. Try. 🙂

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