Some apps I love

A quick metric for how overcommitted busy I am relates to my iOS devices. No, they’re not neglected–I use my iPad and my 2 iPhones (one is for work…but yes I’m a loser) every day. Certain apps would need to be resharpened a gazillions times by now–PDFExpert, Quickoffice, Kindle, Flipboard, the Economist–but there’s lots of impulse grabs (free today!$.99 today!) too…to an extent that I have a couple of “grap” folders for the ones that defy (obvious) categorization.

But a few I’ve added recently bear mentioning:

  • VanCity has an app! Finally!
  • CloudOn offers MS Office file editing/creation with a slightly more “MS”ish interface
  • Words with Friends is a scrabblish game that works well with your FB friends. Oh, right, I forgot: I’m crap at Scrabble! D’oh!
  • Ski Report is an app for my favourite mountain forecast–most skill hills in the world are listed, with multiple elevation 6 day forecasts

Anyone have any other suggestions? Warnings?

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