Apple TV, Airplay and UBC

He asked for it. Here it is.  🙂

I’ve been fairly obsessed with “tablet teaching” as of late. Initially I was more than happy to plug my iPad into the projector (or podium) and use it like a laptop. Then I found out about Airplay, which allows you to stream content from any iOS device to a TV–or projector with an HDMI port.

The secret is AppleTV: arguably a tool to sell/rent rich content. And yes, I’ve done that a couple of times. But it’s the wireless sharing of content via a common wifi network that makes it all come together. Sadly, AppleTV’s wifi connectivity isn’t compatible with UBC Secure’s security requirements. D’oh!

I am not that easily defeated. So here’s my work-around: tethering. I activate personal hotspot on my smart phone (iOS, Android, I think even Blackberries can sort of do this), and connect both my iPad and AppleTV to my personal wifi router.

What does that allow me to do wirelessly? How about:

  1. Using 2Screens to deliver rich PowerPoint and web content with live annotation?
  2. Streaming content from any of the media apps?
  3. Skype?
  4. Collaborative writing with any of the writing productivity apps?

All while not being tethered to a cable. So long as I remember to recharge my phone and iPad

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4 Responses to Apple TV, Airplay and UBC

  1. Hi John,

    This is a topic that my school is currently looking into. In fact, one of the schools in our district recently made the decision to go with AppleTV. My question and my principal’s, is Where is the research that states that these tools (iPad, AppleTV, etc.) improve student achievement? If you have links to any research about this, please foward them on to me.

  2. John P Egan says:

    I don’t think you’ll find that sort of research in general–about technology or even different pedagogical strategies. Where’s the research that says social constructivism is better than transmission, for example?

    Besides these are very new (less than 24 months in the market) technologies. I doubt many schools have adopted them. But the ability to push content wireless from an iPad or iPhone or iPod Touch via AppleTV will create a more flexible classroom: teachers aren’t tethered to the projector.

  3. Suhayl Patel says:

    I agree that the iPad is a great tool. And I have had the same problem. I ended buying a cheap router and connect an Ethernet cable to create a “local” wireless network. I don’t know what the board will say, but it works great and I don’t have to exhaust my mobile data.

    I have a smartboard and have been struggling with attaching apple tv to it as it doesn’t have hdmi :(. I’ve tried using hdmi to dvi/VGA converters but still no luck, but I’m determined to get my smartboard hooked up to it!

  4. John P Egan says:

    Our unit’s Smartboard languishes and collects dust so I’ve no idea what you could do.

    Unless a USB-to HDMI converter cable might work? Does the Smartboard have USB or Firewire ports?

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