Apple TV, Airplay and UBC

He asked for it. Here it is.  🙂

I’ve been fairly obsessed with “tablet teaching” as of late. Initially I was more than happy to plug my iPad into the projector (or podium) and use it like a laptop. Then I found out about Airplay, which allows you to stream content from any iOS device to a TV–or projector with an HDMI port.

The secret is AppleTV: arguably a tool to sell/rent rich content. And yes, I’ve done that a couple of times. But it’s the wireless sharing of content via a common wifi network that makes it all come together. Sadly, AppleTV’s wifi connectivity isn’t compatible with UBC Secure’s security requirements. D’oh!

I am not that easily defeated. So here’s my work-around: tethering. I activate personal hotspot on my smart phone (iOS, Android, I think even Blackberries can sort of do this), and connect both my iPad and AppleTV to my personal wifi router.

What does that allow me to do wirelessly? How about:

  1. Using 2Screens to deliver rich PowerPoint and web content with live annotation?
  2. Streaming content from any of the media apps?
  3. Skype?
  4. Collaborative writing with any of the writing productivity apps?

All while not being tethered to a cable. So long as I remember to recharge my phone and iPad

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