kia ora, eh?

Having long passed the period for which I can reasonably blame space-headedness on jet lag, it seems a good time for an update.  So here it is!

Job: I am settling in nicely, albeit slowly. My colleagues are awesome, the projects interesting, and the scope for new and innovative work very broad. Admin are keen for me to get my research agenda off on the right foot (support, resources, $) so that’s a looming priority. Fine by me!  Each day feels a bit less like juggling chainsaws than the day before.

Home: I found an apartment and have the keys! On Friday my mattress gets delivered; sometime next week hopefully the movers deliver the Canajun goods (which arrive in port on 27 August, 2 days from today!). I’ve been acquiring small appliances each day, so I’ve a kettle, countertop grill, rice cooker all ready. There’s ensuite laundry and a dishwasher but no microwave.  I’ve not ordered “Sky” (expensive satellite TV); instead I’ve signed up for a high bandwidth broadband account and plan to IPTV everything. The complex has a small indoor lap pool and hot tub, as well as small gym. Noice!

Social: I have been forcing myself to go out waaay more than I ever did in Vancouver.  Like twice a week at least.  My body can’t handle it (even drinking water), but it would be very easy to sit home every night.  Once the apartment’s filled with our stuff I’ll join the gym at work (best value in Auckland; still more than I’d ever pay in Canada) and move my body more.

Auckland and NZ: I like this funky wee city. Very multi-culti, eating is surprisingly reasonable, transit around the core of the city very good. Shopping for groceries isn’t too bad; shopping for homewares can be painful if you don’t do your research. But so far I’ve avoided outright gouging, except for telecommunications. Mobiles here are like Canada was 5 years ago, except receiving calls is free. Internet is expensive and speeds vary widely (there’s only one “pipe” coming into the entire country). At work it’s fine.

I organized the transfer of my Canadian driving licence to NZ yesterday: my temporary licence was handwritten like a receipt, how cute is that?

I miss Himself terribly–friends too. But I think I’m going to be very happy here.

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2 Responses to kia ora, eh?

  1. Brenda Courey says:

    I’ve been to Auckland too and wished I could move there..they are lucky to have you! But I also know that missing loved ones back home is a real challenge..UBC was lucky to have you and I hope we will not lose the connection with your amazing spirit!

  2. Julie Barnes says:

    Hey John! Saw in the Oswego alumni email this week that you are now in NZ!! I pop on here every now and then to see what you’re up to, but missed your news about the move. This sounds like a great opportunity for you. Keep in touch and I look forward to reading about your new adventure. All the best!

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