stuff happens

Sometimes stuff even arrives.  Ours did last Tuesday. To use the local argot, “sweet as, bro!”

The container took a mere 20 days from Vancouver to Tauranga NZ. However it took another 12 days for the last 100km journey. Luckily the biosecurity folks cleared everything in advance. Yes, even the camping gear.

It’s been almost a week since and everything’s all sorted out, right? Not even close. The master bedroom is 99% sorted; ditto my clothes. Most of the kitchen stuff has found a place somewhere, but not necessarily in places where I’ll be able to find things as I need them. But the spare room is a massive debris field of boxes–chin-high boxes.

To make things more challenging, I came down with a nasty flu on Wednesday night. I nearly crawled to the doctor on Saturday morning after 2 days of complete incapacitation.I was given a Tamiflu script and HOLY does this stuff work! I was feeling better in about 6 hours. I felt almost human on Sunday and was able to go to work today (Monday). But that was a total of 4 days of near total write-off.

This is all about immune systems by the way: my Canuckian doesn’t have resistance to things local this region. When I moved to Australia it took about 18 months for my body to adjust. Good times!

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