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How to add google analytics to your UBC Blog

Warning: Sometimes it is better not to know how much web traffic you get to your blog. Yesterday I had only one person visit my blog.

So since I am planning to write something here everyday more often, I thought “wouldn’t it be fun to know how many people and bots actually see what I am saying.

If you are curious here is what you can do:

Step 1. Get your Tracking Code

Get a google analytics account your google account will allow you to login in. If you are a bit confused how to get that here are a some instructions There are a bunch of Video Tutorials on YouTube as well that you might find useful.

Step 2. Add the Tracking Code to WordPress

Go to Dashboard → Settings → Google Analytics
and add the Account ID or aka. Tracking code to your site. it is of this form UA-XXXXX-2.

Save the changes by clicking the button.

And you are done. Now you just relax and wait a few days and see how many people go to your site.