ENGL 301 Technical Writing is a course taught by Professor Erika Paterson at the University of British Columbia. It aims to help people ranging from undergraduate students to young professionals communicate with cohesion, clarity, and confidence with their writings. The concept of ’practice makes perfect’ is endorsed in the course as lots of practices are designed to consolidate the writing techniques and practical frameworks introduced through readings. Students will have a chance to flex their writing muscle and produce technical, business, and professional writings in the form of abstracts, proposals, applications, reports, correspondence and Web Folio, to name a few.

Learning is always more effective and joyful with peers. In ENGL 301, students are encouraged to work independently as well as collaboratively through peer reviews and discussion blog. An interactive and collective online learning space enables students to learn and teach each other. 

This course comprises four units; each unit tackles a particular writing context and assists students to produce clean documents for expert and non-expert audiences alike. The first unit is an overview of the different technical writing genres. The second unit focuses on report proposal. The third unit prepares students for job applications, and the fourth unit wraps up the course with a formal report.

My expectations 

Communication skill – in both written and oral forms – is vital to advancing one’s social relationships and career prospect. As I am approaching graduation, equipping myself with this skillset before venture into the workplace become my priorities. I would love to get personalized feedback on my writing mistakes and advise on how to bring my writing to the next level. Most importantly, I hope the weekly assignments could counter my lack of self-disciple to write regularly and encourage me to write more. I hope by the end of the term, writing professionally would be less agonizing and more enjoyable!


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