Hello, and welcome to my blog!


My name is Emily and I am in my fifth year at UBC majoring in Human Geography. Being raised in a city that is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, I aspired to protect the natural treasures we often take for granted from a young age. It is not until high school, however, when I learned about the unsettling truth about climate change, that I felt the urgency to take immediate climate actions. Since then, I have taken every opportunity at UBC – whether it is the variety of classes or amazing climate action groups like UBCC350– to further enrich my knowledge in climate science and climate injustice, and meet like-minded friends who are equally passionate and enthusiastic about this threatening problem. Sustainability is another academic interest that speaks to my heart. My goal is to contribute to actualizing and applying this nebulous principle and help others see our economy, environment, and society in balance and harmony through the lens of sustainability.

In addition to taking this class, I am also doing my dream job at the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (formerly known as the Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency) as a Project Assistant! Although it is a co-op position, I have been blessed with countless opportunities that allow me to put textbook knowledge into practice and contribute in exciting ways. In particular, I am involved in a project that aims to operationalize the concept of sustainability in assessment reports as legislated in the new Impact Assessments Act; that means my work can potentially shape how assessments will be conducted in the future! I am excited to see Canada moving towards a more sustainable future, one impact assessment at a time!