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5959 Student Union Blvd

Vancouver BC  V6T 1K2


September 16, 2019


ENGL 301 Technical Writing Class

University of British Columbia

2329 West Mall

Vancouver BC  V6T 1Z4


Dear fellow classmates,

Please consider my application to be a member of your professional writing team for the ENGL 301 class. I was thrilled about this opportunity to hone my writing skill and navigate through the nuances of technical writing with your team. I believe my written communication and interpersonal skills developed through my coursework as a fifth-year Human Geography Student and my professional experiences will enable me to be a valuable addition to your writing team.


My professional and volunteering experiences revolve mainly around climate justice and environmental protection. I have volunteered with grassroots organizations that tackle various aspects of climate change—from removing invasive species to promoting zero-carbon lifestyles. At UBC, I was an Outreach Coordinator for UBCC350, and I had canvassed to people from all walks of life about climate actions. I was also a Sustainability Ambassador who organized events, such as the Sustainability Career Night, to raised students’ awareness about sustainable practices. Further to student involvements, I am working at the Impact Assessment Agency of Canada (IAAC) to assist with environmental assessments that ensure adverse environmental effects are minimized.


I have been exposed to plenty of writing opportunities in my professional field. Working as a Project Assistant at the IAAC, I have drafted sections of an environmental assessment report, produced briefing documents for treaty negotiation tables, and written correspondence to different project stakeholders. I am comfortable with writing collaboratively with my colleagues and reviewing each other’s work. In my role as a GIScience Project Worker, I wrote an executive summary for an environmental scan report to the Curriculum Renewal Committee. These experiences demonstrate my ability to present high-quality documents and conduct peer review for the writing team. In terms of areas of improvement, I struggle with spending more time than necessary to polish my writing. Although I have never missed a deadline, it remains to be an effort to know when to move on. Writing concisely and precisely is another area I hope to improve in this class.


Learning is a transformative endeavour; by acquiring new knowledge and consolidating it through continuous reflection, my way thinking and behaving change accordingly. I enjoy the process of learning and unlearning through which I can understand myself and my surroundings better. There is always something more to discover so keeping an open mind is crucial.


My writing and interpersonal skills will make me a strong candidate for your writing group. Please contact me at emilyleung1997@gmail if you have any questions. I look forward to excelling in professional writing with your team in the next four months Thank you for your time and consideration.




Emily Leung



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