ES and the Integrated Renewal Program

Most of us have heard at least some information about the IRP (Integrated Renewal Program), and SASI (the Student System replacement project) before it. While many of you have taken part in IRP or SASI related workshops and meetings, others have not had any direct participation, and may have only a high-level understanding about the projects.

As we continue through this journey, we want to support connection to the program. Starting with this article, and continuing regularly on ES Connected, and via other methods, we’ll be sharing more regular program updates and information to help get you up to speed about what the IRP is, how Enrolment Services is—and will continue to be—involved, and what that means for you.

While we certainly can’t claim to have all the answers, there’s lots of information we can share. At the end of this article, we’ll share some links and resources so you can read more about the IRP and find out who to contact when you have questions.

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The Basics

The Integrated Renewal Program brings together three systems renewal projects under one program umbrella. Because UBC was in need of a new student system to replace the SIS as well as new HR and Finance systems, a decision was made to combine the three projects into one program. After thoroughly evaluating a number of potential systems providers, UBC was thrilled to select the Workday platform—a cloud-based, user-friendly, mobile-enabled platform. Workday is an innovative and industry-leading company that will provide enterprise-wide systems to meet our Student, HR and Finance system needs.

3 Work Streams

The Student,  HR and Finance system replacement work will be organized into three work streams. The image below outlines scope areas for each of the three work streams. Please note that these lists may be updated as additional functionality is released, or as scope is refined.

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While some ES staff may be involved in training or workshops in the HR and/or Finance Streams,  most of our involvement will be in support of the Student Stream.

A number of ES staff members have been seconded full-time to join the Student Stream team, and they officially began their secondments   on November 1. Additional ES staff will join the team in the coming months. We’ll update you in future articles.

Student Stream

A core team from the IRP have been working together for many months to prepare for the official launch of the Student Stream. The core team will lead the stream work in collaboration with business and subject matter experts from ES and other faculties and departments across UBC.

Student Stream Core Team

  • Director, Transformation: Jenny Phelps
  • Associate Director, Transformation: Asima Zahid
  • Project Manager: Dan O’Brien
  • Business Analysts: Jacqueline Kendrick (Senior. BA), Jen Duggan, Shanna Walters, RJ Dolamulla, Davin McLeod, Angel Cheung, Bonnie Dean-Stobie, Alan Goodwin, and Sandra Yee
  • Senior Change Management Specialist, Marianne Boyles

Seconded ES Staff Supporting the Student Stream

Four teams, corresponding with four scope areas in the Student  Stream (Admissions, Records & Advising, Student Finance, and Student Financial Support), have been recruited from Enrolment Services, and other departments and faculties across UBC. These staff have been selected based on their experience and expertise in the scope areas they will represent.

The team is comprised of a business lead and a number of faculty and/or administrative subject matter experts (SMEs). The following Business Leads and SMEs have been seconded from Enrolment Services into full-time roles on the IRP.  Continue reading “ES and the Integrated Renewal Program”

$690 raised for the Langley Animal Protection Society!

Thank you to everyone who purchased a cupcake in support of the Langley Animal Protection Society. We raised $690!

None of this would have been possible without the support of all the generous people who baked cupcakes for the sale:

  • Cassie Dominic
  • Joanna Hunter
  • Daniel Fritz
  • Effy Katahan
  • Raymond Kaan
  • Anna Reithmeier
  • Helen To
  • Justin O’Hearn
  • Jen Duggan
  • Deb Mason
  • Maliha Jat
  • Bill Andreopoulos
  • Nicole Kelly

Bake a Dozen Cupcakes to Support the SPCA!

It’s that time of year again – cupcake time!

National Cupcake Day takes place on February 26. It’s a day where bakers across Canada make and sell cupcakes to raise money for animal shelters, SPCAs and Humane Societies.

This year, we have chosen to support the Langley Animal Protection Society, which does amazing work in the community.

If you might be interested in baking a dozen cupcakes for this cause, please  let Jen Duggan know by February 19.

Creativity is always appreciated, but any and all types of cupcakes are welcome! See below for some of the more impressive cupcakes made by last year’s volunteers.

Cupcakes will be sold in the concourse of Brock Hall from noon to 1:00 pm on Monday, February 26, so don’t forget to bring some cash to work with you that day.

Let’s beat last year’s impressive result of $800 dollars raised!


ES & IP Holiday Party and Gingerbread House Competition

The Main Event

Another year, another hard-fought battle for gingerbread house domination.

For the second year in a row, the team in Student Financial Services (SFS) took home the win. While the competition was fierce and several teams were in contention for top prize, ultimately SFS’s impressive engineering skills and use of edible components gave them the edge.

Kudos to all of the teams who took part this year! If you were disappointed that your team didn’t win, remember that the trophy will be up for grabs again next year and it’s never too early to start planning…

Giving Back

I’m pleased to say that we exceeded our $500 fundraising goal for the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. Through direct donations and 50/50 ticket sales, we raised $660 that went towards supporting people in need.

Holiday Pary

This year, ES and the Integrated Program team celebrated the holiday season together at the Nest. Check out Flickr for photos of the party and all of the gingerbread house creations.

If you have additional photos of the party or gingerbread house competition that you’d like to share in the Flickr, please send them my way.

Thank you

A special thank you goes out to Patty Gallivan, the UBC Community United Way Campaign Coordinator, and to Paul Chan and Robert Stout from Desktop Services for taking time out of their day to judge the gingerbread house competition.

Finally, thank you to everyone who helped with set up, selling 50/50 tickets, and checking in staff at the party. I apologize for not listing all your names here, but please know your help was appreciated!