2016/2017 Executives

Hi everyone,

Welcome back from another amazing summer! It’s a new school year, and we’re happy to tell you who our new executives are for 2016/2017. Don’t be shy, come talk to us if you see us on campus or come visit the clubroom in EOSM 208J. We won’t bite, promise. We’re here to just hang out, give advice, listen to your concerns and hear about any new ideas you have for the club, whether it be social gatherings or volunteer opportunities!

Just remember, a man once said, ‘the beauty of [us] is that [we’re] very rich – [in awesomeness]. We’re here to Make ESSA Great AgainBut who are we kidding, we’ve always been great.


Andrea McDonald, Co-President

Hi Friends! I’m Andrea, and I am one of your Co-Prezzies for this 2016/2017 ESSA year! A bit about me: I love the environment, I love warm socks, I love pandas, doggos, and sea creatures, and my favourite tree is the Western Red Cedar! You can find me in the ESSA club room most of the time so come on by and say hello! Lets make this year the best 2016/2017 that’s ever happened!

11251377_10155745009405455_2751086425089000877_nMoe Nadeau, Co-President

Hello ESSA members! My name is Moe and I am this years co-president of ESSA with the lovely Andrea. I have been a member of this wonderful club since second year and I look forward to creating a fun and inviting atmosphere for all environmental science and like minded students to enjoy. Some of my favourite past times include snowboarding, hiking, basketball, and snapchatting cute pups on the street. If you ever see me hanging around the club room, please come say hi!


Cherry Tam, VP Administration

Hey there, I’m Cherry and I am in my fifth (and final) year at UBC. I am in the Ecology and Conservation stream of ENSC and I absolutely love it. In my spare time you’ll find me surfing the Web, singing mid-2000s pop songs, and/or stressing about what comes next after graduation. Come say hi if you see me around!


Linnea Harder, VP Academic

Hi there! My name is Linnea and I am the 2016/17 VP Academic for ESSA. I’m currently in my fourth year at UBC pursing a degree in Environmental Science focusing on Ecology and Conservation. I aspire to travel to Sweden when I graduate, but for know, during my spare time I like to go hiking, kayaking, and running.
I’ve been involved with ESSA for the past couple of years, and it has been such an amazing experience full of so many awesome people! If you ever have any academic related questions feel free to email me at linnea.harder@alumni.ubc.ca, and come check out some of our events!


Audrey Tung, VP Communications

Audrey is sorry to say she is a Boring Person who doesn’t have many hobbies other than falling off bikes, reading, cooking, and talking to cats. She is graduating this year and really likes Camembert cheese.


Chloe Hudson, VP Social

Hey there ESSA! My name is Chloe and I am so stoked to be your VP Social this year! I’m in my fourth year and am specializing in Ecology and Conservation. I love hiking, skiing and dancing! I’m also very involved with my sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta. I already have some fun ideas for social events in the works, but with that being said, I really want to hear about what YOU want to do! You can email me at chloe.hudson7@gmail.com. My inbox is always open.


Andrew Chan, VP Finance

Hi everyone! I’m Andrew and I am this years VP Finance of ESSA. This will be my first year involved in the club and I’m really looking forward to some of the upcoming events planned. A bit about me: I like hiking, biking, playing soccer, playing with my dog, and doing the robot.


Joyce Chan, VP Sustainability

Hi! I’m the VP Sustainability. I’m a 4th year in Ecology and Conservation, and I am all about protecting all of the amazing organisms that inhabit earth! I love exploring nature-y places, crawling into bushes, and seeing beautiful views. I’m a huge plant nerd, so ask me about plants! (Except how to grow them. I’m not so great at that. I know a bunch about taxonomy though!)


Michelle Nguyen, VP Promotions

What up, ESSA? Alas, it is sad to say that I’m in my last year at UBC. My role in ESSA is to let you know about all of our upcoming events, workshops, and any other additional information that you may want to know about.

I’m a true 90s girl, I love the Backstreet Boys, *Nsync, the Spice Girls, and Savage Garden, or older generation rock bands such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers and U2. If I’m not attached to my laptop, you’ll find me taking pictures around Vancouver, playing ultimate frisbee, or hiking. Give me a shout if you see me around!


Agatha Czekajlo, VP Professional Relations

My name is Agatha Czekajlo and I’ll be your VP Professional Relations this year! I’m currently in my 4th year at UBC pursuing an Environmental Science major in Ecology and Conservation and a minor in Philosophy. I am most interested in ecological management, which includes invasive species management and ecosystem remediation. I’m still exploring potential future career routes so being the VP of Professional Relations will allow me to do that for other environmental science students as well! When the weather is cooperating I enjoy immersing myself in nature by taking scenic hikes or gardening, and when it’s not I enjoy staying in with a cup of tea and organizing my stamp collection while watching a good indie movie. I would love to hear about your environmental interests and professional/academic goals, as well as answer any questions you may have!


Steven Sy, 3rd Year Representative

Hi everyone!

My name is Steven Sy and I’m your Third Year Representative. Heres a little bit about myself: I’m a big fan of the Canucks, I love to take photos and I’m hoping to study Environmental Management in the future. My favourite Disney movie is Up, in case you were wondering! While my favourite place in all of BC is right on the tip of Gary Point in Steveston. Its the perfect place to relax and watch the sunset after a long day.

If you ever want to chat, my inbox is always open!


Tyreen Kapoor, 2nd Year Representative

My name is Tyreen Kapoor and I am so excited to be a part of the ESSA team this year as a second year rep! Last year I made the trek to UBC from a small town in Nova Scotia, and I am so excited to be in Vancouver and to have found a branch of science that I am truly passionate about. In my free time you can catch me hiking, camping, biking, or holed up in the library with a textbook. I love chocolate and dogs, and I especially love getting to know new people!


Kathryn Choi, 2nd Year Representative

Hi everyone! I’m Kathryn, and I’m one of the second year representatives for this year. When I’m not at school or on the bus, I’m probably annoying my cat Pippin (hit me up anytime if you want to talk about cats). My biggest interest is in animal welfare, and would like to somehow integrate it into sustainability in the future! I’m also kind of an expert on UBC’s (confusing) payforprint system so ask away. I’d love to meet as many people as possible in our community so please say hello! P.S. The picture is from the summer, look for me with shorter hair!


Jihyun Kim, 2nd Year Representative

Hi, my name is Jihyun and I grew up in Calgary, Alberta. I am passionate about the environment and I love exploring wildlife and nature. As my love for animals and wild things sprouted from the earliest for my childhood, I am especially interested in the ecology and conservation aspect of this major. I’m super excited to be part of ENSC, as well as ESSA, and can’t wait to see where my years here at UBC take me.

Annual Career Fair 2015-16

Welcome back friends!

We would like to officially announce that we will be hosting our annual Career Fair on February 29th (Monday), 2016 at 5 pm in the ESB foyer. That’s next Monday!

Essa Career Fair Poster_lowres

The Career Fair is meant to showcase general career opportunities to students, as well as to connect students with specific companies and organizations. Still wondering where your ENSC degree could lead you? Want to explore your options? Come out to socialize with your peers, and to network with professionals from more than 20 agencies!

Stay tuned on our event page to see who will be on our guest list.

Refreshments provided 🙂

Mark your calendar and we look forward to seeing you all there!

New Year, New Start!

Happy 2016 friends!

Hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful holiday and a refreshing first week of class 🙂 We can’t wait to get to know all of you better this year! But yes, we know it could be intimidating sometimes to talk to us “strangers” 😛 So let’s break that ice for y’all now!

Here are our executive team members of 2015-16:

Sarah Wong, Co-President

Hi there! My name is Sarah- hiker, backcountry camper, nature lover and ESSA Co-President. I’m a 5th year in Ecology and Conservation, hoping to pursue a career in environmental consulting. I’ve got big plans to travel to the Kiwi country when I graduate, but for now, during my spare time I like to climb mountains, to curl up in a blanket like a burrito and watch cartoons, or to hang out with the cool kids in ESSA. I encourage all ENSC students to come say hi- I’d love to meet you!

Andrew MacKinnon, Co-President

Halló! My name is Andrew MacKinnon and I am one of the two 2015/16 ESSA Presidents. I am currently in my 5th and final year at UBC pursuing a major in Environmental Sciences: Land, Air and Water with a minor in Economics. Aside from school, I am an adventurous, outgoing, social and dedicated environmentalist. I have experience working both as an environmental consultant and research assistant at UBC. Alike the majority of UBC, I am from Ontario (specifically London) and decided to move west to take advantage of Whistler and the gorgeous sandy beaches. During my spare time I enjoy hiking, biking by the Seawall, shredding “pow” at Whistler and watching horror films.

Melanie Mewhort, VP Administration

Hi! I’m Melanie and I’m ESSA’s VP Administration. I am a 4th year student in the Land, Air, Water concentration and I love animals, fresh air, travelling, and ESSA! I’ve have been attending ESSA events since my second year and it has socially and academically added to my university experience. Next year, I plan to attend SFU for a Master’s in Resource and Environmental Management, and might pursue a career in Regional Planning. Random fact: in the past, I’ve been a cake decorator, a chocolatier, and a caregiver and currently, I’m a barista, a tutor, and a research assistant.

Rei Van, VP Finance

Hi! My name is Rei Van (VP Finance). I’ll be graduating from the Land, Air and Water concentration along with a minor in French. I’m passionate in sustainable buildings and energy conservation. Marine pollution (especially plastics) is also a passion of mine, as I believe it is extremely important to preserve the ocean. And so, I hope to go into the path of urban planning or environmental management. Eventually, eco-dentistry is my lifetime goal (sustainable dental practices and buildings).

When I’m not behind books, I’m either travelling to discover what’s around me or enjoying the outdoors of what Vancouver has to offer (biking, swimming, Tennis). I’m also a self-proclaimed foodie, so I absolutely love sharing food pictures on Instagram!

Hannah Avenant, VP Communications

Hey there, it’s Hannah, your VP Communications! I’m currently in my 3rd year of Environmental Sciences here at UBC. I’m a fan of hot chocolate, sunsets, and intertidal ecosystems, and in my spare time you can find me running, kayaking, or hiking. Feel free to say hello!

Wasin Kusakabe, VP Social

Hi I’m Wasin and I’m the VP Social for ESSA but you guys can call me Wilson. I hail from Thailand and I love snowboarding, hiking, drinking craft Japanese beer, and cooking! You can usually find me dillydallying inside the clubroom or longboarding to class in a panic. Excited to meet y’all!

Daisy Hsu, VP Professional Relations

Hi, my name is Daisy and I am your VP Professional Relations this year. As a 4th/5th (and hopefully final) year student, I have had past experience working with ESSA, SUS and the career fair. When I am not in classes, you can probably find me in the swimming pool, gym, somewhere nice for jogging, walking, doing pilates or in a corner watching Netflix. I am aspired to climb all the mountains, travel the world and go on crazy adventures one day. I’ve had the opportunity to be enrolled in co-op and exchange in Iceland, I would be more than happy to talk about experience. Please be sure to say hi to me if you see me around and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concern at daisy.hsu@alumni.ubc.ca, I look forward to meeting and getting to know you!

Linnea Harder, VP Academic

Hi! My name is Linnea and I am your VP Academic. I am responsible for running academic events and facilitating the Norma Rose Point School Sustainability Outreach project. I am in my third year focusing on ecology and conservation. My home town is on the Sunshine Coast, where I go to enjoy the beach, forest, and mountains, and hang out with my dogs!

Nicole Yeung, VP Promotions

Heya! This is Nicole, your VP Promotions (aka, the one babbling on this blog and sometimes on our FB page)! I’m a 3rd year student specializing in Ecology and Conservation, with a minor in Geological Sciences. My passion lies in biodiversity conservation and I volunteer as a field surveyor at Pacific Spirit Regional Park to help monitor the distribution of invasive species. Bioacoustics and the impact of noise on animals is also another topic that intrigues me immensely. In 10 years I can see myself being actively involved in vegetation management, biodiversity monitoring, and/or noise impact assessment. As a lifelong goal I strive to live and work as an environmental consultant. When I am not scribbling notes and writing reports in library or cafes, you will find me dancing in the nest studio, or simply carrying my camera and capturing moments of beauty while taking a nice walk in nature. Extra fun facts: I can speak fluently in 3 languages (English, Cantonese, and Mandarin), and I’m a very sirius Potterhead!

Andrea McDonald, VP Sustainability

Hello green friends! I am Andrea, your Sustainability VP! I work with the wonderful ESSA executive team to organize sustainability related events for the Environmental Science Student community. These events can be social, academic, and volunteer based. I work hard to find interesting events that can present students with the opportunity to engage in sustainability-centered activities outside of the classroom. This allows students to gain valuable experience, while giving back to the community. Some of these events would include: group work in the field removing invasive species, competing in a club challenge to mitigate your personal waste footprint, or attending key note speakers hosted in the area. Sustainability is an important part of environmental science and comes in many different forms, so come explore them with us at ESSA events. Check the blog and Facebook page for more sustainability related events. Stay green!

Sam MacKay, Grad Representative

Sam MacKay is a fourth year Environmental Science student here at UBC. After many years frequenting the ESSA club room he has become the graduating representative for this year. His favorite subject matter is groundwater hydrology and remediation. Sam also works part time as a laboratory assistant for the ecohydrology lab group here at UBC. He enjoys playing guitar, brewing beer, and carpentry in the little spare time he can muster.

Minna Chen, Year 3 Representative

Hello! My name’s Minna and I am an international student in my 3rd year in Sciences. Being in Vancouver has given me many chances to closely observe the beauties of nature and I am very excited to learn more about it in depth through my new switch of major to Environmental Science. This will be my first year in ESSA and I am looking forward to contribute to the club as the 3rd year representative and gain valuable experiences through my involvements in the upcoming school year.

Emily Milne, Year 2 Representative

Hey my name is Emily, I am a second year environmental science student with a passion for terrestrial water systems. In my free time I enjoy volunteering with ESSA and working with sustainability initiatives on the UBC campus.

Nick Grout, Year 2 Representative

Hey I’m Nick. I’m from Portland, Oregon. I decided to study environmental science because I love learning about the environment, and I want to further our understanding of it. I enjoy rap, dogs, running, lichen, and cinnamon rolls. I wanted to join ESSA because I’ve enjoyed my experiences on councils, and because I wanted to help create a community for environmental science students to grow, learn and have fun. One of my goals is that all environmental science students feel comfortable coming to me with questions, comments, concerns or suggestions.

Now now, you have all gotten to know us a bit more 🙂 Don’t feel shy to hit up a conversation when you see us around! 😀

Farewell, Term 1 2015!


Time sure does fly by when we’re having fun and working hard…. Here we are, the end of 2015 winter first term!

A huge THANK YOU to everyone who has helped out and/or come to our events this year! We couldn’t have made these happen—and had so much fun while we were at them—if not for all your contribution and enthusiasm! Cheers to our amazing EOAS and ESSA community 🙂

Now now, let’s take a trip down the memory lane…

  • Sept 26th&27th – 2nd EOAS Camping Trip
    We had a blast bonding with y’all over the campfire, good music and hikes at Golden Ears Provincial Park!12067144_10207735264160933_482528638_n
  • Oct 5th – Meet Your Prof Night
    A lovely evening at Koerner’s Pub where students had amazing time chatting with Head of EOAS Roger Beckie, and our professors Tara Ivanochko, Sara Harris, and Kristin Orians!12080132_10154284307212782_5044106921747317172_o
  • Oct 29th – EOAS Halloween Movie Night
    It was freaky fun watching John Carpenter’s the Thing with everyone dressed up in their best Halloween costumes 😛

    12115533_10207916545972865_1936893824349915846_nPre-show: Pumpkin Carving with Oceanography!

  • Nov 12th – ENSC Degree Planning
    Our presidents Sarah Wong and Andrew MacKinnon shared their experiences with Co-op and degree navigation; the insightful session was joined by our program advisor Tara Ivanochko and Science Co-op coordinator Geoff Anderson, who tackled students’ problems and questions. Hope you all got a better idea of what your degree has to offer!
  • Nov 14th Invasive Species Removal
    Some old and new faces took a study break with us to remove English Ivy at Pacific Spirit Regional Park! Awesome job folks 😀11148689_10154365383252782_8299335402771254672_n
  • Nov 19th & 30TH : PEER REVIEW
    We got a FULL TABLE packed with diligent ENVR 200 students, who took their time out to give constructive feedbacks to each other’s research papers! Hope you all have gained valuable insights from your fellow classmates 😀

THANK YOU each and every single one of you for making our term such a memorable one! See you all next year!

Well Hello There, September!

Welcome back, fellow nature enthusiasts!
Are you ready for all the fun and adventures this year? Well, ESSA is certainly ready to be back to serve you and to make awesome memories with y’all!

First thing first, WE HAVE 4 POSITIONS OPEN IN OUR EXEC TEAM! Submit your nomination if you want to become our VP Professional Relations, 2nd Year Rep, 3rd Year Rep or Grad Rep! Nomination is opening from Sept 14th to 18th. That’s next week! Voting will be happening soon after. Check out our Facebook group for details of the positions!

ESSA Elections 2015-16

And next….. *drum roll please*…..
OUR 2ND ANNUAL EOSC CAMPING TRIP is open for sign up on MONDAY!!! Come to Squamish Valley Campground with us (again) to make this the highlight of your year! We will provide round trip shuttles, tents and snacks! All you gotta bring is your sleeping bags & mats, and yourself! It goes without saying that since this is a 19+ event, you could bring your drinks. So, camp fires, smores (omnomnomnom) , jamming (if you bring your guitars), fishing(!?)……this is the time to relax, have fun, meet new friends, and reunite with your buddies!


EOSC 2014 Squamish Valley Camping Trip Our beautiful campsite view!
Fun Group Photo The quick-wait-we-are-not-ready photo!
campfire circle in action Ready for campfire?!

OH you asking how to sign up now? You could…….
1. Drop by our booth in ESB next week (check our fb group for time!)
2. Visit our club room (@ EOS Main Rm 208J)
3. Talk to any of our execs if you can catch us! 😉

Last but not certainly not least, a reminder that the PHOTO CONTEST VOTING is on NOW! Deadline to email us your pick of favourite is by SEPT 18th midnight!

Alrighty, that’s about it for now. Hope to catch you all soon!
Don’t (ever) hesitate to drop by our club room @ EOS Main Rm 208J, or email us at ESSA@GMAIL.COM if you have ANY questions 🙂

ESSA President and Vice President Elections

Hi all!

Want to get involved with the ENSC community? The Environmental Science Student’s Association is calling all nominations for President and Vice President positions and we’d love to have you on our team!

Positions include:
VP Social
VP Admin
VP Communications
VP Academic
VP Sustainability
VP Promotions
VP Finance
VP Professional Relations

Nominations are open March 4 (12am) to March 11 (11:59pm) 2015.
Please send all nominations to essa.ubc@gmail.com with the position you are applying for and a <100 word blurb about yourself

See the attached file for more details: ESSA Executive Roles_2015 (1)

For more about ESSA, check out our “About Us” section: https://blogs.ubc.ca/essa/category/about-us/

ESSA Elections 2015

Networking Workshop- get ready for Career Fair!!!

Networking is a great skill to have when looking for a job, which is why we’re hosting this workshop to help you improve your networking skills! We are partnering with UBC Career Services to teach environmental students what you should and shouldn’t be doing when you speak with potential employers.

Come to out Networking workshop and apply it during our Career Fair so you can land that summer/permanent job you always dreamed of!

Date: Feb. 24, 2015
Time: 5pm
Location: EOSM 135

See our Facebook event pages
Networking Workshop: https://www.facebook.com/events/807195049351171/
Career Fair event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/446372938850035/

Thanks to UBC Career Services for kindly agreeing to come out and help us host this event.