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In my current position as the District Technology Coordinator in SD 58 (Nicola Similkameen) part of my job is to implement and maintain the Aboriginal education section of our website.  Our district student composition is over 40% Aboriginal (60% in Merritt and much lower in Princeton).  As a person with no Aboriginal heritage I believe it necessary to develop my understanding of Aboriginal culture and views on education if I am to properly implement an Aboriginal learning website.  The vision for the SD 58 Aboriginal website is to create a place for documenting ongoing projects and events as well as a resource for teachers integrating Aboriginal curriculum and a database for local Aboriginal history, language and culture.

With this in mind my weblog will focus on analyzing Aboriginal education sites targeting youth.  The visited sites will include everything from international to local sites.  My focus will be on the educational and cultural aspects of each of these sites.  Specifically I want to explore how to create a valuable localized resources for an Aboriginal group.  In doing this I hope to develop a culturally and educationally important resource for the students I work with as well as the community as a whole.

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About Jason McAllister

My name is Jason McAllister and I’m a teacher currently living in the interior of British Columbia. I am currently working on my Master’s of Educational Technology. I’m married and have a 4 month old son. I’m a huge sports fan and have coached middle/high school sports for the last 4 years. This blog was originally created as part of my work in the MET program but I hope to continue updating it throughout my work in this program.

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