A search for educational resources

When creating curricula and educational lessons, it is pertinent that educators collaborate with Aboriginal elders, community leaders, and Aboriginal educators to gain perspective and insight to assure such educational endeavors are culturally sensitive and inclusive so that all students feel valued, safe, and supported within varied learning contexts.   It is apparent from my initial research that educators from the East Coast of Canada do not have a great deal of resources available to them to help scaffold Aboriginal students within current curricula (although it is important to note that in rural areas that local resources may be created onsite and are not available online due to a lack of resources).

For the purpose of my weblog, I will focus on best practices, resources, and other aids that could help scaffold an East Coast educator of Aboriginal youth.  Within my current school of 850 students, we have a population of 12 students who identify as Aboriginal descent.  However, as a teacher who teaches primarily students who are not Aboriginal, I do believe it is pertinent that all educators and students are equipped with a multicultural perspective.  As a result, I look forward to finding such resources, or perhaps creating new resources that could serve my students, colleges and fellow educators.

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