Connecting Weblog to Research Interests

Having a limited experience in working with Aboriginal Youth, I became intrigued with idea of learning more about the issues surrounding this younger generation. Today, Aboriginal youth are facing a myriad of challenges in an increasing western technological world. The inclusion of technology into their lives has been both negative and positive to their traditional cultural values. My aim is to gain a greater understanding of how technology has impacted Native Youth in Canada.

The focus of my study will be to look at different technology based approaches for deepening Aboriginal youth’s knowledge of traditional aboriginal culture. In addition I will explore the effects of the integration of technology within Aboriginal Youth’s lives. Some of the questions and themes that I would like to explore for my research and weblog includes:

  1. How is technology being used to deepen Aboriginal Youth’s knowledge of traditional Aboriginal culture?
  2. What technologies have Aboriginal youth embraced and why?
  3. What are the drawbacks of using technology to increase Aboriginal youth’s knowledge of Native traditions and culture?
  4. What have been some of the negative and positive impacts that technology has had on Aboriginal Youth?
  5. How has technology impacted the relationship between Aboriginal youth and elders?
  6. What role is technology playing in the education of Aboriginal Youth?

As someone who has a limited knowledge on Aboriginal culture, I’m looking forward to getting started. With my research emphasis in place, I believe that I am ready to gather research and build my weblog.

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