Traditional Ecological Knowledge & Science Education

I am a high school science teacher who was introduced to the concept of traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) only last year when I first taught the new BC Science 10 Curriculum which contains one related student achievement indicator for one prescribed learning outcome, students will “give examples of how traditional ecological knowledge (TEK) can affect biodiversity”. This topic is addressed in two pages in the BC Science 10 textbook, however I believe the topic has much greater potential. I need to increase my knowledge on TEK to become more comfortable including TEK in science lesson.

The focus of my weblog research will be to learn more about traditional ecological knowledge and how I can incorporate it into my science lessons. I will investigate the following research questions and narrow my topic from my findings to create my final research project:

  1. What teaching resources are available on the internet for the topic of TEK?
  2. Do intellectual property rights play a role on the availability of teaching materials?
  3. Is the internet an effect medium for educating people about TEK?

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