Aboriginal Media

One of the main focuses of this module, and indeed of 521 in general, is on media and its impact in the formation and preservation of culture and tradition.  Below I’ve unearthed a collection of Aboriginal media sources which may be of value to many of you in search not only for continued weblog posts, but also for links connected to your major projects.  The links have varying degrees of professionalism.  If you click on the first handful of them, you’ll notice it appears as if they are linking the same page each time.  My understanding is that occasionally they will show different content, based on the selected region – but I’m not completely convinced of that.  Some of the other websites appear very basic.  I’m not sure its fair to draw generalizations about the quality of these types of aboriginal media sites based on the few that are here, but suffice it to say that I don’t think they are supported by a strong financial base.  And if they are being funded well, then I think much of the money is going to waste!

Aboriginal Media
Aboriginal Newspapers:
National: www.ammsa.com/windspeaker/index.htm
Alberta: www.ammsa.com/sweetgrass/index.htm
Saskatchewan: www.ammsa.com/sage/index.htm
British Columbia: www.ammsa.com/raven/index.htm
Ontario: www.ammsa.com/birchbark/index.htm
Northern News Services Online: www.nnsl.com
Nunavut: www.nunatsiaq.com
Aboriginal Magazines Aboriginal Times: www.aboriginaltimes.com
SAY Magazine: www.saymag.com

Aboriginal Radio:

Aboriginal Online News Sites:

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