Media Awareness of Stereotypes of Aboriginal Australia

Stereotypes & Prejudice of ‘Aboriginal Australia’ – Media Awareness

This site is user-friendly and easy to navigate with tons of great information about Australian Aboriginals. I really like the amount and variety of information this site provides about Aboriginals in Australia; it’s like one-stop shopping! This site will be an excellent addition to my resources for my research on Elders and Technology and the prejudice and stereotypes they deal with. This site explains the word stereotype first off and then provides a list of different types of stereotypes that Australian Aboriginals typically face typically reinforced in media. The site provides excellent information about media awareness including a section about critically viewing advertising. Mid-way down the page it has a section about tourist advertising and what it doesn’t tell along with examples of what the tourist industry says (advertising) vs what the news tells us. I really like this section, it is quite revealing of what is missing in advertising in the tourism industry.

The site is organized with menus on the left, right and top as well as more information and links at the bottom. On the left, the menu of the website Australia is split into different sections and links to a variety of pages and topics including: Australia, Western Australia, New South Wales, Aboriginal Resources, Aboriginal Culture, Arts, Education, Health, History, Land, Language, Law & Justice, People, Politics & Media, Self-Determination, Spirituality, Sport and an Index of Places.

On the right, the site includes links to: various other sites including the Aboriginal Awareness site that provides online training and free newsletters, brain games, related articles, Google Ad’s (of course), racism information and guided tour packages to travel to Australia.

At the bottom, it has a variety of links for easy sharing this site and information in our socially & digitally connected world including: Twitter, Facebook, email, a Share This icon, a button to join the site and become a member as well as member sign in. Under these links, there is a Donate button for anyone to wishes to donate to the site – great idea if it’s going to the right place. Other quick links are provided at the bottom.

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