Shingwauk Project (Allen Module 2 #2)

Image Source : Shingwauk Project

The Shingwauk Project offers former residential school students with information to assist with claims and also serves as a vehicle to foster “healing and rebuilding”. In addition to providing services to “clientele”, the project aims to educate the public on “the trials of residential school survivors”.

This seems to be an example of a project that provides services within and external to the community( including links to archives that are password protected).

Shingwauk (now part of the Algoma University Campus), was one of three large residential schools along the north shore of Lake Huron. The other two were located in Spanish and Wikweminkong.

It was interesting to read the project’s Text and  Image Policy. While it maintains that the images remain the property of the residential school survivors  who have shared them, educational use is permitted as long as credit is given.  The policy also warns of third-party use for commercial purposes, a subject that has come up in our readings and seems to be a valid a concern when sharing cultural property especially if used by “wannabes” who may distort, confuse, or misrepresent information.

Shingwauk is hosting a national Residential School Gathering on July 1-3, 2011.

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