U of Alberta’s “First Nation Cultural Heritage in Canada”

The Law Faculty at the University of Alberta has a website devoted to the research on Aboriginal cultural heritage in Canada:http://www.law.ualberta.ca/research/aboriginalculturalheritage/

This website details the project undertaken, “this project is the result of a collaboration between an international team of scholars in law and anthropology and First Nation partners in the provinces of Alberta and British Columbia. It has four main objectives:

1.) to disseminate information about the existing legal regime; 

2.) to facilitate respect for, and understanding of, First Nations concepts of property and law; 

3.) to assist First Nation community partners to collect and develop archival and educational resources; and

4.) to critically analyse domestic federal and provincial legislation to provide recommendations for reform.”

What’s really interesting about this, is that academics are working with First Nation’s groups (or so they claim) to carry out this project.

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