TakingITGlobal & Aboriginal Youth Network



TakingItGlobal has a simple focus in mind; Inspire, Inform, and Involve.  The site provides tools and resources for youth to reach out and connect with like-minded individuals locally, nationally, and globally. As highlighted on the site “Inspiration from a global community of their peers builds self-confidence.”  When you have reached out and made a simple connection with someone “outside” your world, you are driven to continue those connections.  Seeing this first hand in my classroom, students engaging in email communication with other students abroad, inspires them to continue communicating and seek more information, truly inspiring!

Within the larger site of “Taking it Global,” the Aboriginal Youth Network (AYN) is a resource that is a unique site that is created by Aboriginal youth for Aboriginal youth.  When youth of all ages are using the Internet and/or other social media venues, what better way to reach out and communicate to the masses with a targeted website.  The site is making attempts to promote cultural identity within Aboriginal culture specifically in Canada, making the attempt to connect across the country.  The site focuses on news and events that have the youth audience in mind, and more importantly wanting youth to communicate with each other.

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