Cultural Tourism

Once again, listening to CBC has led me to another link involving Aboriginal Culture. Aboriginal Tourism BC is an organization designed to promote cultural tourism in BC through training and promotion. It appears to be run almost entirely by First Nations people from all over the province. Their goal is to promote authentic tourism experiences while preserving First Nations cultural heritage. Their Action Plan outlines the programs that are available, including some training programs that would provide First Nations communities with technology skills to promote and provide the cultural opportunities for consumers. Klahowya Village in Stanley Park is one of their very successful efforts. Personally I’m inclined to see this as a positive effort to benefit economically and share culturally, providing that First Nations communities are able to maintain control of the product. Sponsors include some major corporations that may not generally be assumed to be culturally sensitive. I wonder if some of the corporate language is in-line with First Nations values. I wonder if, when First Nations from 6 regions in BC are working together if they are able to retain their uniqueness. However, when I visit other parts of the world, I truly enjoy and appreciate the cultural tourism opportunities and I always hope they are authentic and benefit the people that are sharing. No doubt there are varying opinions on this initiative.

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