Media and resources from cultures of the Andes

  • Aymara’s Podcasts This is a site that offers music from the Andes in order to revive Aymara culture, history and music. The site provide information about Aymara’s musical instruments, dances, carnivals, etc. Visitors can hear podscats of Aymara music and see photographs about their traditions.
  • contains information about American aboriginal cultures of The Andes. The site offers interesting information about poetry, dances and music. Visitors can access to songs, poems and dances explained in Quechua, English and Spanish.
  • Aymara Uta is a web site that intends to promote and diffuse Aymara knowledge, reflect and defend Aymaraheritage. The site is licensed by Opensource and GNU software. It offers a list of resources and websites related to Aymara culture, and a discussion forum about topics related to this Aboriginal community. Most of the resources offered by the site are in Spanish, but it offers a number of sources in English.
  • The “Institute of Aymara Language and Culture“, ILCA is a non-profit organization, founded by Juan de Dios Yapita (1972) to spread the Aymaralanguage and culture. It was legally recognized by the Ministry of Education and Culture in La Paz (Bolivia) on November, 1972. The center has long been one of the lonely ramparts of the disclosure of the Aymara language. It has major publications. Most of them are in PDF format for download on that site.
  • Marta J. Hardman-Bautista’s site. Marta J. Hardman-Bautista is an American linguist who is considered an authority on linguistic studies of  Aymara culture. During the 1960s, she began studying Jaqaru, a sister language of Aymara. Later, she founded the Aymara School at the University of Florida where she worked with brilliant disciples, some of them Aymara of birth. Aymara School  published many articles and important books about the Aymara culture.

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