Waiting for Superman

When perusing the web, I came across this article “Aboriginal Youth Waiting for their Superman” around aboriginal youth in Canada and what the lack of funding for education is doing for the youth in schools.  This seems pretty common and relevant for all students in the education system as of late.  The article brings to attention the lack of funding for basic accessibility of the Internet, computers and other technology which are not readily available within communities.  Why does it seem to still exist, this dual education modality?  Regular students vs. aboriginal? It is frustrating to read especially from an educators stand-point, If I have been given the opportunity to teach students of all race, colour, gender etc, and provide them with the best education that I can deliver, why isn’t the government supporting this with the necessary funding to do so?  If we as teachers don’t have the resources or means to provide an acceptable education, than yes, we will be struggling and the trickle down effect occurs right to the students.

Waiting for Superman is a 2010 documentary that provides a glimpse into what is happening in the American education system, and relates to the above article.

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