DEB (M3-#3): Aboriginal Perspectives

This website introduces features National Film Board of Canada documentaries by and about Canada’s Aboriginal peoples. It’s created especially for high school and upper elementary school students and teachers to assist them in understanding Aboriginal history, arts, culture, aspects, and life. One can also learn about past and current issues relating to the lives of Aboriginal People through excerpts or films. The archives are grouped according to the following themes:

  • The arts
  • Cinema and representation
  • Colonialism and racism
  • History and Origins
  • Indigenous knowledge
  • Sovereignty and resistance
  • Youth

What caught into my eyes was Our Nationhood under the teme, Sovereignty and Resistance. As I’m learning about sovereignty in the other course that I’m taking, the difference between the Trudeau government’s perspective and the First Nations’ perspective on the issue of Aboriginal rights is a very sensitive issue to discuss.

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