DEB (M3-#2): Terri Janke and Company

While searching for the IPR, I was able to discover this website by Terri Janke.
She is the Australian solicitor director of Terri Janke and Company Pty Ltd. who was born in an Aboriginal community in Cairns.
She regonizes that Aboriginal people all over the world “share not only common life challenges; but opportunities in sharing their traditional knowledge, culture and extraordinary talents with the wider community to mutual benefit”.
In this sense, her company’s goal is to build “a culture or respect where knowledge and innovation work together”.
She founded the firm in 2000 and it’s a 100% owned Indigenous company.

With others, she also wrote and published “Our Culture: Our Culture” which discusses and reports topics on Australian indigenous cultural and intellectual property rights. To tell you the truth, it consists of about 380 pages of information on IPR, so I just skimed through it but it gives valuable information on IPR.

This is the paper: OUR CULTURE: OUR CULTURE

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