Aboriginal Media Lab

Aboriginal Media Lab (AML) is an organization that intends to explore the aboriginal expression through media. It’s aim is to “promote aboriginal leadership and excellence in today’s knowledge-based economies” through the implementation of projects related to cultural expression of aboriginal groups and the promotion of aboriginal research methodologies.  Their goals are:

  • “to create an environment for Aboriginal research that recognizes and promotes Aboriginal research methodologies and purpose, as well as Aboriginal knowledge and knowledge systems
  • to undertake research that will make a positive difference in media production and broadcasting, re: Aboriginal history media, storytelling and aesthetics
  • to develop and mentor Aboriginal researchers and future scholars in the field of media and history
  • to build and validate Aboriginal intellectual strategies and methods
  • to create interface between Aboriginal academics and Aboriginal producers and broadcasters,
  • to build relationships and on-going collaboration
  • to apply the research to developing other models of media production on topics related to Aboriginal history”.


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