Australian Aborigines – Indigenous Australians

As I have extended my research for my final paper to Indigenous Elders world-wide with a focus on Canadian Indigenous Elders, I came across this site and I was attracted to what this site had to offer. I was excited by what I found!

The site is sectioned and provides information about Australian Aborigines including their: History, Migration, Appearance, Clothing, Languages, Diet, Society, Marriage, Homes, Land, Culture, Flag, Government, Law, Games, Dance, Music, Art & Design, Tattoo, Death, Reincarnation, Spiritual, Magic, Initiations, Elders, Lore, Message Sticks, Caves, Bora Ground, Shaman, Aboriginal Dreamtime. The site also provides links to Australian Aborigines Google Videos. There’s also a list of links at the bottom of the page that allow you to explore further or direct back to the AUSTRALIA INDEX.

What I like about this site is the detailed history it provides; it allows you to picture what it must have been like for Aboriginals in the past. I also like that it includes all the relevant information for all four modules, not just Module 4. Really awesome site – definitely worth checking out!

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