Final Connections

Since this is my last MET Course and I’m finishing 590 at the same time I am thoroughly involved in reflecting.   I thought I would revisit the blog, one last time.  This was only the second time, I’ve been involved with a blog and one of the key benefits seems to me, that there is room for exchange and discussion.  In this case that was limited.  It is, however, an excellent compilation of resources.   It certainly was a good idea to create a focus statement at the beginning to direct our internet exploration.  The sites built the foundation for my exploration into education and technology in my local district.  Even though my area is affluent and full of opportunity, connectivity limits many First Nations people from accessing many of these sites, especially those that are highly interactive.  I’ve bookmarked the sites, and those of colleagues, so that they’ll be at hand.  Since my school has good bandwidth and connectivity, it would be best to showcase the sites there and not expect students to be “digital explorers,”  at home.  Certainly the course, including the blog, discussions in Vista (which were insightful and spirited) and  the final project, has allowed me to look at First Nations issues through a different  and sharper lens.

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