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Perceptions of Self / Representation to Others

I’d like to share a site I found while searching online that is to the Indian Residential School Survivor’s Society.  While the link to module two may not be immediately apparent, I think that our discussion of how indigenous people need to control their own image can be tied closely to another desire; and that is to  culturally rehabilitate from an egregious past.  A confident and real perception of one’s self is of paramount importance when attempting to represent yourself and your story to outsiders.  The Indian Residential School Survivor’s Society website is aimed at providing a support network for those who attended or are related to someone who attended a residential school. The site provides a brief history as well as some personal accounts of abused suffered by their caregivers and teachers.  Monthly newsletters are issued with stories of survival and healing. This website also provides information for those wishing to seek legal advice for compensation.  Most importantly, the site offers hope for those who have suffered a great ordeal and injustice by providing a support network for survivors.