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Indigenous Rights

The Public Ethics Radio site has hosted a few different talks on Indigenous rights. Among other issues, it discusses Indigenous intellectual property rights and how mainstream capitalism has monopolized on indigenous knowledge! In Episode 13 Sarah Holcombe asks some very pertinent questions in this regard! “Western pharmaceutical and agricultural businesses have long recognized that there is money to be made from the traditional knowledge of local, indigenous communities. Sociologists and anthropologists also seek to gain—intellectually and academically—from conducting research on and with these communities. What rules should govern the interaction with so-called traditional knowledge? How can intellectual property rights be designed so as to minimize harm to indigenous peoples and maximize the goods of research, and share it equitably?”

This site also reminded me of a couple other sites I came across: The Aboriginal Media Lab one from the Canadian Parliament and one from the Australian Parliament specifically on Indigenous Traditional Knowledge and Intellectual Property Rights. Comparing the Canadian and Australian sites was very interesting in terms of the differences they consider!

I really like the way the Canadian site differentiates between Western Science & Traditional Knowledge! The chart describes how Indigenous Traditional Knowledge differs from Western Science.

Excellent information for sure in all these sites! I will definitely add them to my resources list so I have them to refer to when I start my final paper on Elders and Technology!