Circle of Rights

Circle of Rights is a series of 30 modules in a training program for activists about economic, social, and cultural rights.

It is published by the International Human Rights Internship Program, University of Minnesota.

Circle of Rights is aimed “primarily at trainers who are or will be engaged in training human rights activists as well as development workers, members of organizations represent­ing dis­advantaged groups and others who are addressing economic, social and cultural issues.  The hope and expectation is that trainers working with these various groups will be able to take the material in the manual and, if necessary, adapt and expand upon it to con­duct training programs on ESC rights and ESC rights activism.”

I first came across this site as I was trying to understand better issues around cultural rights, which is the focus of Module 17. The content of this module is relevant to Indigenous cultural rights.


However, Module 6 focuses only on the “perspectives, experiences and standards” of Indigenous peoples.


In the modules I have looked at, case examples are given from different parts of the world. Other modules may interest you.  See the Table of Contents at



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