Educational Technology Clearinghouse

* A compilation of a variety of links to adult education materials/ other resources…divided by general categories and research categories

* Not much to say about the look of the site, except that it is clear and organized.

* EXCELLENT START to research on adult education topics

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* a blog with a specific focus on Adult Education and Technology 

* Marion Thatcher is “Keeping an eye on technology for the adult education classroom and beyond”.

* contains links to many useful educational tools to use in a classroom.

      – such as Storybird, asite that uses donated art to for students to use to tell a visual/media story

      – could be used to help students gain deeper knowledge of a concept taught in class if they have an assignment that has them regurgitate the info from class into a visual format to share with other students.

* This blog site will help any teacher looking for tech ideas for teaching tools to help engage the techno savy students these days.

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UNESCO Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future

*  United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development

* Aim is to promote and improve the integration of Education for Sustainable Development into the educational strategies and action plans at all levels and sectors of education in all countries.

* Multimedia teacher education programme = 100 hours

*  Can be accessed and used in a great many ways by teachers, student teachers, teacher educators, curriculum developers, education policy makers and authors of educational materials: FOR FREE

* This website is valuable for people wanting to research ways to improve their skills in a specific area – perhaps it can be twisted to focus on aboriginal adult education somehow…am looking into it further.

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Science and Development Network


* Is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing reliable and authoritative information about science and technology for the developing world.

* Free-access website, written mainly by Southern-based contributors

* Regularly add dossiers, spotlights, ‘quick guides’ and ‘news focuses’ on specific subjects, in addition to a growing amount of regular news coverage.

* Raising awareness of indigenous knowledge in science and technology education by Zane Ma Rhea

* Helpful if researching for cross curricular materials to teach at a highschool level

External Link listed = UNESCO Teaching and Learning for a Sustainable Future

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i-tec: Indigenous people’s technology and education center

The website for i-tec is an infomation site that explains how they help indigenous churches. Their focus is on enabling indigenous churches to overcome the technological and educational hurdles that stand in the way of their independence. “Technology” used by i-tec are not necessarily computers or distance learning but actually equipment and training to help remote indigenous groups with little or no access to transportation, dentistry, medical care or even the know-how to maintain equipment on their own. The links involved are internal and only go to other information pages, a contact list, a store and a donation page. This site would be of use to anyone researching the types of technology being used in remote indigenous locations.

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