Traditional Knowledge Revival Pathways

Looking for more information about place-based education, I came across this You Tube video describing the importance of securing traditional knowledge for the benefit of community and country. The 5 minute, 36 second video was created by Luke Stanford, narrated by Victor Steffensen and filmed in Australia.

Some of the themes discussed are:

  • The importance of showing a visual of what the elders are trying to explain
  • Understanding that different forms of language + body + verbal are all significant and must be preserved
  • That Aboriginal knowledge is  not recognized by the mainstream and therefore an even greater sense of urgency to preserve this knowledge
  • A sustainability theme where we’re not just saving this knowledge for Aboriginal people but for all – i.e. Aboriginal knowledge as a means to better understand global warming and other environmental issues
  • People are currently detached from the environment but in reality “Man is not different from nature, Man is nature”


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