Yellowknife Education District No. 1

As a means to better understand how culture-based education is being implemented, I researched the Northern community of Yellowknife to view their school district page. The district Website reports that Aboriginal students account for approximately 25% of enrolment in Yellowknife Education District No. 1 and that they are spread out across eight schools.

The school district lists their YK1 Strategic Direction as:  

To ensure that students and staff are engaged in, and value Aboriginal Language and Culture-Based Education.

The following strategic goals indicate how the strategic direction will be implemented:

  • To support staff to integrate culturally relevant learning opportunities into instructional programming
  • To build capacity to increase the human resource base for the instruction of Aboriginal Language and Culture-Based programs
  • To develop and support programs that promote the social and emotional well-being of Aboriginal students
  • To promote and support Aboriginal Language and Culture- Based Education for all students
  • To strengthen relationships with the Aboriginal community
  • To revise Board procedures for the delivery of Aboriginal Education


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