Introduction to Pinterest

Pinterest is an online tool used to share various articles, webpages, pictures and work that is interesting to a user.  You can follow your friends, or other users who post items that are of interest to you, and you virtually “pin” an item onto a board where you can go and look at it later.

Pinterest launched in March of 2010, and since then has gained a large following.  By January 2012, it has garnered 11.7 million unique users.  It continues to grow and is the third largest social media, behind Facebook and Twitter (Wikipedia, 2013).

There are currently educational resources and ideas linked through Pinterest, and a category for Education exists in which users can search through and pin.

Below is a video that explains a bit about what Pinterest is and how to use it

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  1. bmehregani says:

    This is a great offering!

    As a primary grade teacher, I could use this service to create subject boards having to do with math, social studies, science, art, language arts, etc. Each subject board would have images and text in order to help teach my students about that subject. One of the great features of Pinterest is that I can update each subject board to make it continuously relevant to my students and to the subject.

    I can see teachers using this service in this classroom. In fact, I can see students in Grades 2 and up using this service to create their learning scrapbooks/boards for each subject. The students would use their scrapbooks/boards as learning and sharing opportunities.

    I think that teachers would buy in to something like this. This could be a professional development opportunity for some/many interested teachers.

    This social media would work in the classroom.

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  22. There are currently educational resources and ideas linked through Pinterest, and a category for Education exists in which users can search through and pin.

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