Pinterest Activities

1. Sign into Pinterest (or create an account). This is fastest if you use your Facebook account, just read your options carefully to avoid spamming all of your friends.

2. By Friday, Create a board called “ETEC522SM”. Pin at least three educational technology-related pins that you find useful, relevant or interesting. Then, use “ETEC522SM” as a search term to find what your classmates have posted.

3. By the end of Week 5, Make comments below answering one or more of the following questions:

  • Do you think that this is a useful tool?  If not, do you think it has potential to be a useful tool?
  • Would this be something you would continue to use?  Why or why not?
  • What are your views of the copyright issues surrounding Pintrest?
94 comments on “Pinterest Activities
  1. dave says:

    Yet another social media that I had heard about but never actually used it until now. I have to say that the material that I found on pinterest seems to be of a high enough quality that I might actually come back and check it out at some point. It would be nice if they have separate sub-categories, but once you enter in “technology education” it automatically recognizes it and brings up the search anyways. I think for people who like to use this sort of site and are interested enough in any given topic, it could be a great way to find useful information. I most likely will not continue to use this tool in the near future, but if I have free time in the distant future it might be one of the things I come back to.

  2. Adeel Farooq says:

    •Do you think that this is a useful tool? If not, do you think it has potential to be a useful tool?
    First of all, I need to blame Pinterest for about 10lbs since my wife started find recipes on the site. Pinterest reminds me of in the sense you can store information you want to access at a later date. I can see Pinterest being a starting point if you needed new ideas for your classroom or if you had some sort of arts class and you wanted your students to have an online portfolio.

    •Would this be something you would continue to use? Why or why not?
    I’m still undecided on whether I would use Pinterest as a professional tool. I could see myself using it during my free time or if I needed to get inspired. However, to actually use it as one of my professional tools, I don’t think I would. I was trying to do a search on Lego Mindstorm for my robotics course and found myself wasting a lot of time trying to find something useful (it seems very random). Maybe I’m using it wrong, but for me personally it isn’t organized well enough.

    •What are your views of the copyright issues surrounding Pintrest?
    When I was learning how to market websites it was well understood that getting someone to link to your page was never a bad thing. To me Pinterest is free advertising for your site. No one is altering your content, sure they might give it some bad press, but at least someone is talking about it. I don’t see the copyright issue being much of an issue.

    • Sarah Stokes says:

      Hi Adeel,

      I’m going to play a bit of devil’s advocate with your copyright comment. I understand from a marketing perspective, getting users to your own site is key, and really a powerful way social media can be leveraged in the business world. My concerns stem from less-than-above-board use, where someone is linking to a site (e.g., Scribd) containing illegally distributed material. Several times a week I’m alerted from one or more of my colleagues that people are illegally distributing legally-obtained PDFs of our books – costing us sales! Our company’s name might be out there, but we lose a lot of control that way with little benefit. This would be a concern for teachers, too, if someone was distributing lesson materials – not a violation of copyright, but definitely an infringement on intellectual property rights. What do you think?

  3. Marie-Astrid says:

    Do you think that this is a useful tool? If not, do you think it has potential to be a useful tool?

    I have used Pinterest for various activities and I find it very interesting. I like that it gives me ideas and allows me to connect directly to the websites without having to look for them. In my teaching I have used a few ideas, mostly for English Language Arts, since there is not that much in French.

    Would this be something you would continue to use? Why or why not?

    I will continue to use it because I find the categories diverse and I can always find something interesting.

    What are your views of the copyright issues surrounding Pinterest?

    I never thought about the copyright issues relating to Pinterest before. I would think that it could be seen as a type of search engine really, since it takes the viewers directly to the page where the information originated, so therefore I do not think it would infringe any copyright laws (maybe I am wrong). Also I seem to remember that when I signed up, although that was a while ago, that I had to be invited and there were certain rules I had to follow (such as which information is not appropriate on the site). I am not sure if that process is the same now but with these restrictions I would hope that breaking copyrights would also not be allowed.

  4. Rocky Lam says:

    Do you think that this is a useful tool? If not, do you think it has potential to be a useful tool?
    I think that pinterest is an useful tool. I really like the visuals in the program. Sparkling and looks pretty. I find that the content of the materials could be improved. I was trying to find some ideas for fairytale writing, and did not end up with some good searches. I think there are other websites out there that also functions very similarly – as pointed out int he SWOT – but the visuals are nice to look at!

    Would this be something you would continue to use? Why or why not?
    I think that if I was really bored and wanted to look at something fun – more for my own personal use rather than education? I have tried other social media for educational materials before – but I find that talking to the teacher next door to me gives better ideas because ideas could be exchanged right then and there.

    What are your views of the copyright issues surrounding Pintrest?
    I am not sure of the copyright issues of Pinterest. If the websites are referenced correctly and gives the authors the correct recognition – I think that should not be an issue. That being said, they could use Creative Commons for their references to comply with copyright issues.

  5. jkhanson says:

    Pinterest is more useful than I initially thought it would be. I like it as a place where I can post my resources, organised by topic (boards), a bit like Evernote. I’m not sure if I would use it to search for resources, unless there was a proven source I was following, as it seems to me a less quality-controlled environment than G+.

    As to the copyright issue, I can’t claim any kind of expertise on the subject, but it seems to me that the argument is a technicality due to a design constraint and doesn’t violate the spirit of copyright law. Common sense must prevail: Is someone claiming ownership of a resource that isn’t theirs? No. Is a link provided back to the original source? Yes. Has the resource been misrepresented or changed in any material way due to the resizing process? No. Prosecuting something of this nature, although possible, in my opinion would be overly litigious.

  6. Diane says:

    Q1: Do you think that this is a useful tool? If not, do you think it has potential to be a useful tool?
    Thanks for the introduction to Pinterest. I had looked at other peoples pins before, but never posted my own. To answer the question, I cannot see using pinterest for professional purposes. I think I find it unhelpful NOW because I am interested in a very specific subject matter,namely Ed Tech for healthcare professionals. What came up under that search was not valuable content, but that could be different a few years from now, if more of us with that interest were to find and post pertinent items. If I was interested in maintaining a Pinterest board, I can see that I would have to broaden my search to Ed Tech and leave out any reference to healthcare professionals.

    Q2: Would this be something you would continue to use? Why or why not? Likely not for professional purposes, but possibly for recipe access or home decoration or gardening ideas….

    Q3: What are your views of the copyright issues surrounding Pintrest? This would be a minor concern for me. I doubt it would stop me from using the service.

  7. I have heard of Pinterest before but I had little interest in the site. Scanning the ToS as well as responding that no, I didn’t want Pinterest to suggest things to me based on other sites I visit, set my privacy bell ringing and so I signed up using my dummy email address and account….

    Although I am new to Pinterest, I don’t see it being a personally useful tool at the moment, as there is a general focus on items that I am not interested in (For example, “We couldn’t find any results for ‘ETEC522SM’, but you might try Holidays, Corgis, Sneakers, or Pasta!”) If I were to use the site for recreation, I can see the potential to be useful in that it makes a stronger visual bookmark reminder, unlike my browser bookmark list which is a graveyard of sites by name, many of which I have not visited in a long while. However, I do not intend to use the site this way, I am accustomed to my regular blogroll and technology aggregate services and thus I do not need the Pinterest service.

    In terms of the copyright infringement, I think this is a case of copyright law not being agile enough to keep up with technology use. Sarah brings up some compelling reasons why an image of content may not be “fair use” (eg Scribd), but I think the trope of a photos on a digital corkboard blurs lines in a way that encourages embeddedable metadata, or services such as TinEye.

  8. John Lee says:

    Yet another web 2.0 tool that I use in unintended ways. This account was started by my wife as my “you’re too hard to shop for” Christmas list suggestion maker.

    The surprising bonus for me as a teacher has been the variety of art ideas I’ve been able to pull from Pinterest. Especially given its visual nature and the fact that images are basically vetted for superiority, the ideas which come from Pinterest searches are generally good.

    I will continue to pin my shopping list and grab art activity ideas from Pinterest. In the arsenal of search tools available, it leads to me quality ideas quickly and effectively.

  9. Lois says:

    I really like Pinterest. It is right up my alley. All pictures, scroll through at my own time, not having to keep up with others interests, pictures, information etc. I like to just have a little “me” time. To me it is social networking on my terms. Pinterest’s categories are not geared towards education but I was so happy to see an education section. When I am in need of a little inspiration I am off to scroll Pinterest.
    I teach Foods. the recipe section inspires my choice of recipes, and also my students. My students have just started their Pinterest board of recipes to populate during the year. This take my teaching out into the real world. It make what I teach relevant to their lives.
    Pinterest is part of my day, and my students.

  10. Naomi Robins says:

    Is Pinterest a useful site?
    I have used pinterest in the past and like others here can blame a little weight gain on it. Sites like it and yummly are great for finding recipes and educational tools. The quick snapshots, really let me see if a site or recipe are worth investigating before going to them. That being said, I feel it has its limitations. Someone made a comment that its similar a bit to Diigo and I have to agree. It’s great for aggregating information and letting others know what you’re interested in, but the potential for expansion without altering services is extremely limited.
    How would I use it? I might use it in conjunction with other sites to get students to share ideas, build personal boards and share with others other tools I find useful, but that’s it.
    As a copyright issue I have some concern. Someone posted a list of questions to ask which I think are good ones, although the average person will not consider them or copyright issues. As far as most people are concerned if it’s on the web, it’s for everyone to use. Especially in this day of mash-ups. To protect your information, you can to a certain extent password protect your page, so only those whom you want can access it. that way when someone else posts your site, people will only be able to access it with your permission. Other than that, good luck battening down the hatches. People will grab and share what they like and Pinterest is good for word of mouth marketing. Maybe the trick is to beat others to the punch, and put what you want out there through some kind of secure site, before others do.

  11. Q1 – Do you think that this is a useful tool? If not, do you think it has potential to be a useful tool?

    As I said on the previous page, I have used Pintrest for a project once and it worked out fairly well. Pintrest has a very straightforward user interface, so students can pick it up quickly. I can envision a number of projects it could be used for, such as the “introducing yourself” Pintrest project I did, whereby students pinned things that represented their personality and had partner’s view their Pintrest in order to create a written profile of their partner. Above projects such as that, I can’t see how Pintrest can become the core of an educational program, but I’m certain there is a bright and creative teacher out there that will prove me wrong (or already has).

    Q2 – Would this be something you would continue to use? Why or why not?

    Possibly. If I thought it made sense for another similar project. One thing I like to avoid is asking my students to sign up for things. So, I’m less likely to use Pinterest because of that, albeit, necessary feature.

    Q3 – What are your views of the copyright issues surrounding Pintrest?

    I really like how Adeel put it when he said “getting someone to link to your page was never a bad thing.” I think intellectual and creative property rights are important, but Pineterest is exposing millions of people to new things that they wouldn’t have otherwise seen. In a lot of ways, its a giant advertisement catalog, so I’m not certain why copyright would be (or has been) an issue with Pintrest. However, I admittedly may be undereducated in this regard.

    • Dale Pearce says:

      Q1. Do you think this is a useful tool? If not, do you think it has potential to be a useful tool?

      I have not used Pinterest, so this is new to me. To answer this question I will need to look further on what it does or ca do. I think there might be potential as I found doing the activities interesting. As a platform for the student population, I can see it as something that would work from research perspectives

      Q2. Would this be something you would continue to use? Why or why not?

      I am not sure. I will continue to research this platform.

      Q3. What are your views of the copyright issues surrounding Pinterest?

      This is a major issue with the intellectual property and creative property rights as it pertains to the student population I support. With the legislation for duty to accommodate, students with learning disabilities are allowed access to intellectual property. Disability over intellectual property.

  12. TC LEE says:

    The chances of myself using Pinterest is quite slim as most items here are intended for younger students, which is outside my teaching circle. At most, it will be something that I can use to surf the net to add a new spectrum to my e-life, however, after playing around with it for a while, many of the items like fashion, food, holiday tours didn’t really capture my attention all that much. Therefore, it’s hard for me to see myself utilizing this and integrating it into my daily life. Perhaps, I am just too out-dated ;_).

  13. alemon says:

    Yes I think this is a very useful tool in education. Many of us enjoy images and visuals as part of the the learning process. Pinterest is the perfect medium to support that kind of learning. As we search out new ideas, strategies and products Pinterest provides an extremely simple way to find, save and share these resources with others. As with other forms of social media, we also benefit from the input of the millions of other users who are doing the exact same thing. The result is a community that caters to specific searchable areas of interest that is continuing to grow and diversify every day.

  14. Shaimaa says:

    Do you think that this is a useful tool? If not, do you think it has potential to be a useful tool?

    Yes I think it’s a useful tool but its potential is still not used. I like the idea of the visual representation of search results and believe that younger generations would appreciate it even more. However the content is still limited.

    Would this be something you would continue to use? Why or why not?
    Yes I would continue using it but for inspiration, staying up to date and finding interesting things. However I won’t use it to develop a deep understanding of a topic or something like that.

    What are your views of the copyright issues surrounding Pintrest?
    I don’t actually see the problem since users go to the original website once they click on the image. Off course I am not an expert on the legal side but from a user perspective, they did not claim anyone’s work is their work and they did not misrepresent the website (Please correct me, if I missed something)

  15. amb585 says:

    I actually found the answer to questions one on Pinterest! The following is a link to an infographic that details why teachers use Pinterest. They sum it up as being to “curate content, organize ideas, collaborate with others, and allow students to use Pinterest.”

    I personally used Pinterest before and I will continue to use it in the future. However, I believe others are right when they mention that it can be difficult to find quality information on this resource. Also it can be very easy to become off task. I have in the past started looking for lesson ideas and ended up looking at pictures of fantastic desserts.

    I personally believe that copy write laws need to be re-evaluated when it comes to the sharing of information on the internet. As long as people aren’t taking credit for other people’s work then I am morally alright with the situation. However again, if this platform was going to be used officially by a school or organization this would definitely be an issue that would have to be evaluated.

  16. troymoore says:

    It’s funny, not funny haha, but funny awkward. I sign up for Pinterest a long time ago, but never used it. My wife kind of took it over and although I never really went on it much, I did do it the odd time. Thanks to this project I realized my suggestions,were almost exclusively women’s shoes. Hopefully, a little more education mixed in now. As far as pinterest as a tool will go, I dont think I’ll use in that manner as copyright seems to be almost non-existent.

  17. Sylvain Menard says:

    Do you think that this is a useful tool?  If not, do you think it has potential to be a useful tool?

    I think Pinterest is a brilliant concept and can be a very useful tool, just not so for education. Pinterest is the ultimate visual browsing experience; it is like walking through a world size mall and looking at the store displays from the comfort of your home. It is not a coincidence that the site is mostly used for sharing recipes, clothes, and art. When I look for information on any educational topic, I am looking for ideas and concepts, and whatever images may represent them give me little clue as to how good they are.

    Would this be something you would continue to use?  Why or why not?

    Not likely, I don’t like shopping that much. Pinterest is to random for me. When I do shop, I usually know what I want and I go straight to it. At first, I thought I could use Pinterest like I use Evernote, but the fact that you can’t use tags to file and retrieve your entries makes it too inefficient.

    What are your views of the copyright issues surrounding Pintrest?

    I don’t see any issue with Pinterest and copyright since it only serves to redirect people to the original website. If anything, I think it is an issue that Pinterest lets you upload images that are not from the site because it may misrepresent the site.

    As for Sarah’s question (October 2, 11:27 am), I think that Pinterest may be a useful tool for those who want to protect their intellectual property as they might use the site to track down people who have uploaded their material illegally. In my mind, copyright infringement happens the moment you upload unauthorized content on a server. In the case of Scribd, they are the ones to be held responsible if they let users upload unauthorized content on their servers. I agree with Adeel (October 1, 2013 at 5:47 am) that having other websites redirecting traffic to your site is a good thing. If you don’t want your site to be public, there are many ways you can use to keep it private. At my school, we subscribe to services where the content is copyrighted. We have a link to the resources on our website, but you can only access the content from within the school or through a sign in process.

  18. jldr says:

    At this moment I cannot see how I would use this tool. However, it is often the case that it is not until I see or experience how others use a tool that I recognize the possibilities for myself.

  19. jiorns says:

    Prior to ETEC522, I thought of Pinterest as purely promotional media. Another channel to promote oneself, one’s creativity or one’s product. I had this thought without ever using it.
    After the suggestion to sign up for an account, I have taken that step and viewed the Education category on Pinterest. I had the same thought as others have stated – the posts are very random, the site needs sub-categories, unless one has the time to do random browsing.
    I still think that Pinterest works as promotional media.
    A pin for Socrates 2.0 was very professionally developed as a narrated simulation video. Likely that vid was distributed across a lot of different social media.
    In sum, I cannot think of anything Pinterest does that warrants me not sticking with LinkedIn or using Google.

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    This week, we’re delving into Wink App
    editing application via Pinterest. Sign in or create an account (using Facebook for a quick setup, just be mindful of sharing). By Friday, craft a board named “ETEC522SM.” Pin at least three editing app-related posts by the way mine is the Wink retouching tool. Search “ETEC522SM” to see classmates’ shares.

    By Week 5’s end, share thoughts on:

    Is Pinterest useful for editing app content? If not, does it have potential?

    Would you keep using Pinterest for editing app-related content? Why or why not?

    Thoughts on copyright issues with Pinterest in the editing app realm?

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