“This selection of drawings is intended to function as a conversation between two opposing but interrelated definitions of drawing as both verb and noun that the students considered this semester.

When considered as a verb drawing can be understood as a temporal, process-based action, something that we do. When considered as a noun, we focus more on its role as an autonomous art object or image, something that is there, to be viewed. Most of the time both definitions apply.

In focusing on drawing as a conduit between self and other, both through its making and its viewing, themes emerged of relationships to and perceptions of time, place, and bodies.”

Alison Trim, Instructor VISA 300O001

List of works

01 Jen Poodwan, Computer Biology, digital, 1758 x 1324px, 72dpi

A crossover of the digital and the biological.

02 Madison van der Gulik, Queen Lucy, Copic markers, prisma color pencil crayons, 14″ x 10.5″

A personal drawing meant to put emphasis on the importance some people give pets.

03 Ari Sparks, Two Boys Kissing, plastic fuse beads, 27” x 19”

Our already increasingly virtual experience of interaction and connection has been deeply exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic. This work explores the experience and mediation of pixelated information in a digital era by representing an act of intimacy, through the physical process of individually placed beads.

04 Angela Wood, One Place After Another, ink & watercolour on paper, 11 x 15” each

1 Apartment, 2 Backyard Neighbour, 3 Cul-de-Sac, 4 City Kid, 5 Prairie

This series is an exploration of past self and existence in place. These spaces are personal to my life but are rendered with little detail aside from architectural structure, allowing room for each viewer to place themselves within the works and more openly interpret them.

05 Sidney Steven

(We) Move in Unison, graphite with bingo dabbers on paper, 18” x 24”

Time only goes in one direction, so I wanted to visualize that even though we all move in different ways in life, we are still connected to time.

06 Brett Dopp, Die Kirche, digital, 3600 x 5400 px

What’s more spooky than an old church?

07 Shelley Sproule, Spectacular Fall at Billie Bear (Muskoka), watercolour and gouache, 22″ x 15 ”

Billie Bear is a resort outside of Huntsville Ontario in the Muskoka Highlands. Fall colours are spectacular giving the viewer an almost surreal experience.

08 Pip Mamo Dryden, A Momentary Life, pencil crayon and watercolour, 12” x 16”

A Momentary Life is an examination of how we remember people who have died, and the way we perceive people we’ve never met.

09 Faith Wandler, Silhouette, 11”x 15”x 3, acrylic ink on watercolour paper

My theme is dealing with inhabitants of space and how the plants I have in my studio can create their own imagery from the shadows that they cast on my walls. I hope to bring the viewer a sense of calmness and nurturing just as my plants do for me in my studio space.

10 Andrew Halfhide, Familiar Figure, marker on Bristol board, 6’x 1.5’

The aim of this work was to draw without the biases of habit and focus more on the figure I was trying to capture. Drawn using my weaker (left) hand and at this life-size scale made the figure seem more tangible during the drawing process.

11 Adrianna Singleton, Dys Connect, charcoal, ink, oil pastel on canvas, 3 ft x 1 ft

This piece is about the distortion of my perception due to body dysmorphia. Struggles of my ‘problem’ areas are amplified; face, chest and thighs.

12 Candice Hughes, Nana Says, graphite on paper, 28’’x30’’

A recreation of the only image of my Nana in the remaining years of her life.

13 Susan Protsack, Moving ~ Memories I, mixed media on cartridge paper, Moving ~ Memories II, mixed media on handmade paper, Moving ~ Memories III, mixed media on drafting film, each 20” x 30”

These works are based on textural rubbings of surfaces in a home from which I recently moved. Many of the surfaces are associated with personally meaningful events and so, for me, these works are souvenirs evoking moving memories.

13 Amily Wang, Aquarium, ink and watercolour on paper

To make this work I began with looking at the different shapes of the fluid ink drop to give it more meaning.