Dora: the dreams of Freud

Dora is a distinctive book, recognizing that the main character Dora is hopelessly trapped in her dreams. I really thought that the book was very dense and confusing. The book to me was simply Freud transcending his ideas into a plotline creating a story. After taking classes in psychology there is a sense of respect in his book but you end of just feeling bad for her. I really thought throughout the book how sad it would be to live like Dora. Dora than finds out that her father is cheating on mother, and the fact that Dora has no uplifting settings in her life. It seems like she just has troubles after troubles. Can real life be this sad? If real life is this depressing, could Freud be giving us a look at his inner psyche? If the question is true, than why would Freud not work to better himself, instead he write depressing articles and books. We could only ponder how Freud need to handle his problems in books.

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