The never ending cycle of evil

As my title addresses, I do not like this book. Sadly like a nihilistic I find the sardonic vibe of irony that every week I am becoming weaker to the ideals of feminism and gender. The ideas increase because of De Beauvoir’s ideas match mind with her heavily leftist views. The pain that I have encountered is severe, from reading this text. As mentioned in my blog from last week, I cannot stand gender, and it makes me quite sad that I have to deal with this barrage. Unlike wollenstonecraft of the week prior de Beauvoir is shorter but dense. Making my hours upon hours of reading that much more difficult. As the electronic music blares and the movies play around me I deal with the idea of equality that stimulates me. Even I have a deep and burning hatred of the book, there are ideas that I do agree with. But I do ask the people who read this blog, where is the book that disgusts masculinity, and the plight of men? where is my book, talking about how men are not just chauvinistic, but were deep and complex creatures that have the mentality to only do what is needed? Until that book comes out and is critically acclaimed by the masses, I will not accept a book of feminists as an acceptable topic.

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