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Right of Man- Thomas Paine

The book “right of man” by Thomas Paine was definitely my favourite read by far, in the arts one class. I know clearly by my statements of “Leviathan” being such a great book that I come off as an extreme fan of politics. Not only do the books “Leviathan” and “Right of Man” involve politics, but they have a distinct motif of revolution. As the French Revolution is the first step of the old world order falling, there is a significance that people of the western hemisphere cant understand. From the vivid reading of Thomas Paine, and narration of the fall of the Bastille, leading to democracy and equality. Possibly another reason I liked the book so much was that it didn’t have a somber mood to it, like the books before, there was nothing about severe diseases. A little bit about death, and all the stuff you get with the French Revolution, but is a couple thousand beheadings anything bad? If you are bringing in a new world order is that something to be shamed?

As a side note, I am not very good at blogging because of my highly apparent lack of experience; I’m red in the face that I get to talk about a book that is the equality of the person rather then a gender this week. So for my fellow classmates that are scurrying to finish essays, and recoup their normal hours of sleeping I bid you a farewell on a rare second blog post.