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I love it!

I LOVE THIS BOOK. what could it possibly be that makes me love this book? Is it the great character structure of protagonist? yes. Is it the terrific plot? yes. Is it also that it indulges in an under-appreciated area like the Congo? yes. This book is whimsical evil, there is not much more to describe my enjoyment in reading the plight of Marlow. Ruthless, manly, cunning and bloodthirsty. Traits that people that want to ascend to power need. I need a great trilogy, I think I found my major because of this book. The history of the Congo, we got imperialism; an attempt of drastic extreme ideologies and an appearance from Che; I have truly found a major that needs drastic and extreme respect. I shall give it that.

The never ending cycle of evil

As my title addresses, I do not like this book. Sadly like a nihilistic I find the sardonic vibe of irony that every week I am becoming weaker to the ideals of feminism and gender. The ideas increase because of De Beauvoir’s ideas match mind with her heavily leftist views. The pain that I have encountered is severe, from reading this text. As mentioned in my blog from last week, I cannot stand gender, and it makes me quite sad that I have to deal with this barrage. Unlike wollenstonecraft of the week prior de Beauvoir is shorter but dense. Making my hours upon hours of reading that much more difficult. As the electronic music blares and the movies play around me I deal with the idea of equality that stimulates me. Even I have a deep and burning hatred of the book, there are ideas that I do agree with. But I do ask the people who read this blog, where is the book that disgusts masculinity, and the plight of men? where is my book, talking about how men are not just chauvinistic, but were deep and complex creatures that have the mentality to only do what is needed? Until that book comes out and is critically acclaimed by the masses, I will not accept a book of feminists as an acceptable topic.


EWWW!!! To properly define my opinion I need to use a youthful word for disgust. There is no shame in my hatred for this book as it was a tortuous experience for me. I would never want to torture someone like this book has tortured me. If by now you haven’t guessed it I do not like gender-dominated books. At all. Ever!! The sheer idea that I was going to have to go through a moment of my life that involved this book, was a day I would reckon. As I had several suicidal thoughts as reading this book, I decided that one book was not going to decide my faith. Although this book to its very core is evil, I can have some respect for it. The respect lies in the author, as she was an innovative thinker for her time. It has nothing to do with the book, It will never be about the book, it is evil.

Right of Man- Thomas Paine

The book “right of man” by Thomas Paine was definitely my favourite read by far, in the arts one class. I know clearly by my statements of “Leviathan” being such a great book that I come off as an extreme fan of politics. Not only do the books “Leviathan” and “Right of Man” involve politics, but they have a distinct motif of revolution. As the French Revolution is the first step of the old world order falling, there is a significance that people of the western hemisphere cant understand. From the vivid reading of Thomas Paine, and narration of the fall of the Bastille, leading to democracy and equality. Possibly another reason I liked the book so much was that it didn’t have a somber mood to it, like the books before, there was nothing about severe diseases. A little bit about death, and all the stuff you get with the French Revolution, but is a couple thousand beheadings anything bad? If you are bringing in a new world order is that something to be shamed?

As a side note, I am not very good at blogging because of my highly apparent lack of experience; I’m red in the face that I get to talk about a book that is the equality of the person rather then a gender this week. So for my fellow classmates that are scurrying to finish essays, and recoup their normal hours of sleeping I bid you a farewell on a rare second blog post.

Dora: the dreams of Freud

Dora is a distinctive book, recognizing that the main character Dora is hopelessly trapped in her dreams. I really thought that the book was very dense and confusing. The book to me was simply Freud transcending his ideas into a plotline creating a story. After taking classes in psychology there is a sense of respect in his book but you end of just feeling bad for her. I really thought throughout the book how sad it would be to live like Dora. Dora than finds out that her father is cheating on mother, and the fact that Dora has no uplifting settings in her life. It seems like she just has troubles after troubles. Can real life be this sad? If real life is this depressing, could Freud be giving us a look at his inner psyche? If the question is true, than why would Freud not work to better himself, instead he write depressing articles and books. We could only ponder how Freud need to handle his problems in books.