I love it!

I LOVE THIS BOOK. what could it possibly be that makes me love this book? Is it the great character structure of protagonist? yes. Is it the terrific plot? yes. Is it also that it indulges in an under-appreciated area like the Congo? yes. This book is whimsical evil, there is not much more to describe my enjoyment in reading the plight of Marlow. Ruthless, manly, cunning and bloodthirsty. Traits that people that want to ascend to power need. I need a great trilogy, I think I found my major because of this book. The history of the Congo, we got imperialism; an attempt of drastic extreme ideologies and an appearance from Che; I have truly found a major that needs drastic and extreme respect. I shall give it that.

2 thoughts on “I love it!

  1. Avash Islam

    Are you saying that Marlow is “Ruthless, manly, cunning and bloodthirsty”? or Kurtz? Conrad? Not entirely sure what you mean that the book is whimsically evil either, but I’m fairly interested.

  2. Jon

    I’d also be interested in an answer to Avash’s question.

    And I’d add that, just as if you don’t like a book it helps if you give evidence and argument, the same goes even if you like it.


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