Course syllabus & schedule:
—week-by-week schedule / timetable, including assessed work

Course materials:
—information on the required textbook, with online component, that you will need for this course

Course materials (2): online:
—information on how to access and use your e-book and the online exercises

Revision guides:
—for the chapter tests and final exam, plus extra revision materials on iLrn

folon-birdbookSEE ALSO:

Horizons resources for compositions:
—verb conjugation tables, p. 447-52; the general index on p. 487-90 may also prove useful
—French → English lexicon: p. 453-72
—English → French: p. 473-86

FHIS Learning Centre:
—for help

Resources for French
—useful for compositions: online dictionaries, how to type French accents, iLrn troubleshooting, French & Francophone resources in Vancouver and further afield

Academic advising:
—For all Faculties and Schools

UBC resources