French placement:
—Which French course to take?
—Is FREN 101 the right course for your level and requirements?
—If not, which one would be more appropriate for you?
—What to do if a class/section is full?
Undergraduate French Advising (Department of French, Hispanic & Italian Studies)
—and their FAQ

● Questions about language & distribution requirements:
Faculty of Arts > Academic Advising > Degree requirements: the language requirement
NB: you may satisfy the language requirement with any of thirty-odd languages taught at UBC (not just French); by taking (a) course(s) up to the requisite level, or by taking a proficiency test; the latter is also an option for languages not offered in UBC courses
—If you are not in the Faculty of Arts (Commerce, Engineering, Music, Science, etc.) and have questions about language and distribution requirements, please consult Academic Advising in your home Faculty or School

THE MAIN “HELP” PAGE: UBC resources & useful links
—Where to find information and support for everything in UBC life:
help with French inc. tutors (not free), FHIS Learning Centre (new! free!! fabulous!!!)
academic advising
access and diversity
being an international student
—UBC policies and procedures, rules and regulations, and the Ombuds office

FREN 101 contact information