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LAST UPDATED: 2018-05-11

In this post, you will find information on how to access and use the online version of Horizons, including your e-book and the online exercises. Your e-book and the online exercises for Horizons, along with some other supplementary materials, are at an external website (not on the UBC system): at the iLrn Heinle Learning Centre, at



Online exercises stay open all term—right up to the final exam—and you have multiple attempts for each of the assigned practice exercises.



  • iLrn guide (1): introduction: how to use your book key to set up an account and access your online exercise assignments, e-book, and other iLrn resources (self-testing, flashcards, etc.)


1. Please go to

2. Using your 16- to 19-character “book key” online code (provided with your textbook, if you bought it at the UBC Bookstore), set up your account with a username and password.

3. Next, enter the following information:
Our course = FREN 101: summer 2018
Our course code = 

4. Next, add yourself to the appropriate “class”: this is the section you’re in.

5. Once you’re in, you will see your “workstation,” where you will be able to access (amongst other things) the online exercises that have been set for you.

6. To work on your online exercises throughout the term, and to consult your e-textbook, annotate it, etc.: go to

PLEASE NOTE: in accordance with BC privacy law (FIPPA):

  • in the “required information” sections (= items with *) you DO NOT have to disclose and use your full name, or indeed your real name and email address. You can use a pseudonym (just make sure to tell your instructor what it is, so they can give you marks for the worm you have done).  Refer to iLrn guide (1): introduction for further details on what to do here.
  • in the other (= no *) sections, you DO NOT have to fill out any information
  • But: in the drop-down menus for “country,” “province,” and “time zone” please select “Canada,” “BC,” and any of the time-zones that are Pacific Coast/GMT-8. That last item helps, to ensure we’re all in the same time-zone: otherwise you might find that you’ve missed a deadline for an online exercise!
    An example follows below, of how the FREN 101 coordinator filled out her profile (her password, by the way, is not “change”…):



These exercises are worth 10% of your final grade.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 3.34.49 PM

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 3.29.34 PM

  • “Assigned” exercises are those that are marked (on your final attempt), and that mark will go towards your total mark for the online exercises.
  • Your online exercise mark will only be calculated at the very end of term (after the final exam).
  • the due date for assigned exercises is the day of the final exam; the date currently set is that of the end of the exam period, and that date will change once the final exam date is published.
    There may be some variation from section to section and instructor to instructor; this will be clear when you look at your iLrn Workstation.
  • Practice exercises can be repeated several times over the course of the term.
    The exercises that have been set accompany and reinforce the work we’re doing in class.
    You can also use them for practice and revision for tests and the final exam.
  • It is recommended that you do some exercises (not necessarily all of them!) a first time after you have covered the material concerned in class: ideally, later that day.
  • You may find it useful to run through the week’s material more roughly and rapidly at the end of the week, and/or the start of the next week (ex. Friday and then Sunday before a next class on Monday (or Monday before Tuesday’s class, etc.)).
  • You may find it helpful to do some exercises, and/or to redo others, for revision before a test on that chapter. And then, similarly for revision purposes, in the revision period after the end of classes and before the final exam.
  • “Unassigned” exercises are not marked, and do not contribute to your grade. You are free to work on them too, if you so wish, for extra practice.
  • All of the assigned online exercises are worth 10% of your final grade:

NOTE ON THE BEGINNING OF TERM: Because this is before the end of the period in which students can add and drop courses without incurring a “W” on their transcript, you aren’t required to do any online exercises until the add/drop period has passed. But the online exercises are open from the very beginning of term, so if you want, you can start working on them.


  • iLrn guide 2: the online exercises: where to find them, which ones to do, why, how they are graded, when to do them (and when to stop), how often, suggested sequence and pace
    = PDF, opens in a new window, can be downloaded
  • iLrn guide 3: extra practice: going beyond the regular set exercices, how to use iLrn for extra practice and revision


iLrn useful links
—FAQ, user guides, support: useful for online exercises and any iLrn troubleshooting